Latest Accessory Acquisitions

{I'm wearing the Duafe stud earrings by Rachel Steward Jewelry}

If you've followed my blog long enough, then you know I love accessories. My palette for them has grown and changed, I love where it's at. I'm more into good craftsmanship, quality and their "statement" factor. I will still buy cheaper accessories if I feel the value is there, like the necklace I bought recently and shared on the Instagram page earlier this week. It was in the clearance section for $4 but the value was there to me and it's def a statement piece that I will have fun wearing with all kinds of outfits. But enough talking, lets get to sharing.

So I talked of investing more in quality accessories so I've been shopping more with indie designers. I got these awesome jumbo "Duafe" stud earrings from Rachel Stewart and I absolutely love them. If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll remember she was one of the first Accessories That Can Mac features that I had on here when the name of her business then was Target Queen Jewelry. She made great items then but her selection now has gotten even flyer!

I haven't received them yet but I can't wait for these puppies to deliver so I can rock them out! These are the "Eye of Horus" stud earrings from Wild Child Dzigns. Aren't they bangin? I follow them on Instagram and first saw them this summer. I kept saying I wanted them but never got them. Last Friday, they had a "happy hour" discount for a couple hours during happy hour times you'd find at any bar or restaurant and I got them for either 15 or 20% off.

I posted a picture up on my creative/personal Instagram account of the Adinkra symbol, Ananse Ntontan because one of the things it represents is creativity and you know I'm all about that. Toni Daley has an awesome accessories shop, that I've done business with before, and she was kind enough to send me a pair of earrings of this symbol as well as a cute pair of mini Duafe symbol earrings. How sweet of her! I really appreciated that and then bought a pair from her. Excited for those to deliver too!

And that's it. I really need to take another accessories buying hiatus but I've been eying up pieces from Peace Images..... Man, I love this stuff! Well my purchases, at this point, will at least wait until after the holidays. I'm happy with my new items!

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Anonymous said…
Very nice! I love your twists in the first pic <3 I have a serious accessories addiction {I'm somewhat recovering}.
I also love accessories and especially hand crafted pieces. I hope to see more of your collection.