Be Inspired by Beyonce, Don't Covet Her Pt. 2

Beyonce Beyonce album- "Partition" video {Image Source}

 Watching her videos, I didn't want to be or wish that I was Beyonce and I didn't feel less than, I got ideas! I was totally inspired to be the sexiest, most sensual Milan that I can be.

So in part one, I talked about how I respect Beyonce's work ethic and am very inspired by it. If you didn't check it out, you can read it HERE. In part one, I shared that the second takeaway I got from the album was women embracing their femininity, finding power and pride in it, and embracing the fact that we are sexual creatures too and it's not a sin to be- it's an artistic masterpiece (that the right man will get to delight in).

Many conservatives are saying, like we knew they would, that the album is hyper sexualized and there she goes selling sex again but I viewed this album differently. I especially saw the videos as an artistic depiction of and celebration of femininity, sexuality and sensuality. They gave it up for the woman who knows her power and has mastered it. The videos were like mini films and were executed so well, I was impressed with the artistry. Maybe I see it differently because I'm a fairly liberal artist and love exploring the beauty of being a woman in every way, shape and form. I think the world is fine with women being exploited sexually in certain manners because then they can judge them, pity them and feel better about their own shortcomings because at least they aren't THAT low. I think the world doesn't like when a woman finally knows her power and revels in her femininity and sexuality in pure confidence and love for herself; that she can revel in it without having "daddy issues" or that she is searching for love from others with it. When a woman realizes her power and wholly embraces every facet of it without seeking something, then there's problem.

Watching her videos, I didn't want to be or wish that I was Beyonce and I didn't feel less than, I got ideas! I was totally inspired to be the sexiest, most sensual Milan that I can be. The lucky man who's hand in marriage I accept is going to be one happy man because Bey inspired some extra ideas of nice things to do with and for my future husband! Don't let Beyonce make you feel like you aint got it. Chile, you DO! Get inspired. If you're married, watch those videos with your husband, ask him if he liked any of that and get to brainstorming! I think so many of us women never fully explore and accept ourselves and while this doesn't always involve sex, this is the part of us that the majority are most often quiet and timid about and sometimes ashamed of. God gave us this aura and our beautiful bodies, why are so many of us still ashamed of something we were GIVEN? I'm not asking women to wear stripper clothes (but if you want to, do you), I'm asking women to ACCEPT themselves, be HAPPY with themselves physically and sexually. I want this shame gone.

In part of her song, "Flawless", we hear a recording of Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi who I was new to but now I want to read more of her work.The whole recording on the song spoke to me but this part right here screamed at me:

"We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are."

Men are heralded for being sexual beings, why is a woman's sexual nature, when displayed in an artistic and beautiful way; squandered, loathed deemed a sin and judged negatively? You can embrace your sexual nature without being a ho, easy, porn star or Playboy centerfold, you know that right? There are married women (who I would think would be the least inhibited) afraid of their bodies, that don't enjoy the very essence of who they are and don't enjoy sex with their mate; they don't find themselves sexy. Again, why should women have to be put down or feel down? This is unacceptable. I'm not encouraging women to start writhing against random walls and bedding random men. I'm encouraging women to be unapologetic about who they are through and through and accept that they have a sexual side too and not be ashamed of it. It's a beautiful thing and when shared with the right person.

We push life the size of watermelons out of our cooch for crying out loud, though our strengths are different than men, our being shouldn't be mitigated because they aren't that of men. You get me? I'm neo old-fashioned when it comes to relationships between men and women. My values are based on old-fashioned ones but modernized and forward thinking. I still believe in marriage, I believe in women bearing children and I believe in women in the workplace and being interdependent too. I believe in men and women having their roles in relationships but I disagree with either sex having to be put down or inhibited in the process.
Beyonce Beyonce album- "Blow" video {Image Source}

In an artistic way, Beyonce's album inspired me to get creative and be even more confident in my sexiness and my sensuality, that I'll have something magical to give my mate (you'll notice in all the videos, her love interest was always Jay Z). I'm a woman, damnit, a fly one. I have a right to revel in that side of me confidently without someone telling me there's something wrong or that I'm seeking anything from another man or anyone else. Sex isn't everything but it is a part of life and I won't ignore it, be afraid of it or be ashamed of it.

I want to know how you all feel about this topic because I know many have different views regarding this topic and on Beyonce in general. I wouldn't call myself a fan of hers but I like this project and what she was projecting and I hope it continues to ignite dialogue amongst men and women, especially amongst the black community (I'll have to write another post about that!). I learned a while ago, just because you don't like someone, doesn't mean that you can't learn from them. So please be respectful and not judge anyone's character after reading their responses but I want to have a discussion about this because that's what this blog is about: exploring femininity, reflection and empowering women [of color] in all aspects of our lives. Sound off.

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Tiffany said…
Milan, I strongly disagree about the sexiness Beyonce is portraying. I tried to keep quiet because in all honesty I have not purchased the album and only watched/heard the sneak peeks on iTunes. So I don't feel comfortable speaking to the whole project when I haven't seen it in full. For me, it all started when my 6 year old daughter wanted to watch the video for the single: Best Thing I Never Had, and here is Beyonce in a bra/panties/garter for the duration of the video. I didn't find it appropriate in the least and I could not find the connection of that outfit to the song. And while I do like what I have heard of the "Partition" track, I understand that style song/video might not be suitable for my kid and would monitor the video before I watched it with her. But she has turned me off with the nudity, all.the.time. Don't get me wrong, I do admire her work ethic and what she has accomplished for herself. But I also believe we can be women and sexy without always walking around half *ss naked for no apparent reason. Can't we leave something to the imagination. As the old saying goes, "Men are hunters" and they are in it for the chase. So tease them a little sure and when u get home, that's when u show him who & what it's all about.
Milan said…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts Tiffany. You are so right when you say that men are hunters and you have to give them something to chase. Beyonce is a married woman and if her husband wasn't ok with her "nudity", she more than likely would strongly reconsider her entertainment choices. Partition is about her and her husband (not random men) doing naughty things so I saw the outfits and nudity made sense for the climate of the song. If she chooses to give her audience an intimate view of what her and her husband may do, that is her freedom just like we have the freedom to not rock with the project and change the channel if we want.

This album was labeled explicit so it's definitely not for the kiddies AT ALL! This is grown Bey, that's no where near the audience she was going after with this project one bit. Maybe because I'm an artist, I don't mind nudity and sexuality as long as it's in an artistic way and not an exploitative way though and the only time I'm half naked is when I'm in a bikini in the summer. Lol. Again, I thank you for chiming in and sharing your thoughts! Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
Out of the 14 songs on the album I like half of them, no particular reason, I just took a listen and I only liked half.

Artistically I don't know who Beyonce is. She was basically shaped by her father who was her manager at a young age when she was in Destiny's child. I think she's trying to come into her own and there is nothing wrong with that. She's worked hard and I think she's allowed to do what SHE wants to do.

I definitely think part of who she is, is a great entertainer, but when I think of what she represents as an artist I dunno. I guess she's like jambalaya a little bit of everything. I don't have a problem with the nudity or language. I mean if you like hip-hop or rock & roll you kinda can't complain about nudity and explicit language. I mean at least she's a women expressing her sexuality on her own terms. That's what I love about Madonna, Cher and Janet Jackson.

I have purchased the album and I'm also a fan of her work. I think over all she's a pretty good vocalist. I mainly see her as a entertainer. I think I can agree that(what's next) she has basically revealed all of herself to world so much that I cant even imagine what else she could possibly do. I would not recommend this album to anyone under the age of 21, but I also admired how she is embracing her sexuality and her life. Some of the visuals, should've been eyes only for the hubbie, but hey she's a #GROWNWOMEN..LOL I am also glad that I had the chance to be introduced to Adichie, I have watched her on TED TALKs and love her. I am also looking forward to reading her book "Americanah" (my spelling might be off)