I'm Asking for Scarier Things

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If your dreams don't scare you then they are insulting to God. Bold phrase right? I didn't really take this quote up until late 2013 when I declared that I wanted to go on a $4,000 South Africa trip in the summer of 2014. I didn't know where I would find the $4,000 for it (I was paying on consumer debt and not making much at work) but I decided to take God/the Universe up on its challenge. This desire scared the crap out of me because in my logical mind, I couldn't figure out how I was going to do this. The math didn't add up that I could save up for this trip. But I learned that it wasn't my job to figure out how. It was my job to do the work and believe. The money found me and the ways to make extra money to put towards the trip found me.

The South Africa trip was the biggest thing I had asked for to date and put deliberate energy behind so it's time to ask again and this time bigger and scarier. I'm setting my intentions out here when I express my desire for AGrlCanMAC (and my other writing) to afford me the ability to put in my two week's notice to my full time job if I wanted. I want it to happen this year. I trust the Universe's timing though over the exact time I want it to manifest though. I'm just ready to jump knee deep in the trenches and do the work. I am a writer and artist at heart and I'm finally owning and stepping into the fact that I want to turn these passions into paychecks. I would love for AGCM to be one of my full time careers that never feels like a day of work. I love it so much that I may never really "retire"; I'll just keep creating and doing the things I love until I die.

I've set the intentions out there, now it's time to put my head down and work. That includes posting content more consistently. You may have noticed that last month, I had at least one new post per week that went up. I will keep this up. And there are other steps I will be taking along this journey because I really want AGrlCanMAC to help inspire and empower lives, especially women of color. I don't know everything and I never will but my primary intention will always be to simply HELP others. The money will come, besides [money] it's not even real but that's another conversation. From day one this blog has always been about sharing and that's what it will always continue to be so LET'S DO THIS!

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I think the most effective way for me to make money out of this blog is by advertising from brands that I believe in and offering products like e-Books for starters. Last month, I spontaneously released my very first e-Book and I am working on another one this year! This one won't be released as spontaneously, lol, but I'm excited to share it towards the end of the year. I've set the intention out into the Universe it's time to cash in, no pun intended, on it. I'm thankful in advance, appreciative for where I'm at right now and am grinding to get to where I want to be.

Thank you so much for your readership and support. 2015 has already started out awesome and it will continue to be so!

What scary things are you asking for this year?

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