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Kat's, this month's cover girl, feature will go live this Thursday or Friday. We are experiencing many kinks lately, apologize and appreciate your patience. Things will get more consistent. With her feature going up later, we are sharing today's post early.

We are back in business! Got the carpel tunnel alleviated and expect it to keep improving. After more research and observation, I think my ergonomic mouse was the culprit. It's supposed to help prevent carpel tunnel and was creating a problem. The way it's shaped had me consistently holding my hand and wrist in a compromising position. I'm just glad I got to the, seemingly, bottom of it because I love writing! So let's get back on topic.

I'm playing with a new feature idea on here called Music & Mood. I've always been a person that for different times in my life or different experiences, I have a song that reminds me of them. Jay Z's The Blueprint album (2001) reminds me of the first quarter of my freshmen year of college. The song Girls, Girls, Girls on that album reminds me of the guy I was dating then because I found out he was gaming me and other girls, girls, girls. Haha! I can laugh about it now but it so wasn't funny then. In these features, I take a song or album and share what emotions, memories or themes that I took away from its message, sound, musical elements, feeling or a combo of everything.

Today's song, Maybe, is a new single from the wildly talented and LA based artist, Sidibe. She's no stranger to the AGrlCanMAC community and was featured with us HERE last year and continues creating amazing and meaningful music. Maybe, gives me the feeling/theme of:

Breezy-Cool Love

This song transports me to a warm summer day at the beach frolicking with someone you're falling in love with. A warm breeze gently caresses you and brings about a blissful smile on your face. Maybe captures the light and playful side of love where your special someone picks you up and spins you around while you laugh with delight and allow that heady feeling of being in the present envelope you.  

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awww, love:
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He sweeps me off my feet:
{Original source unknown- If you know it, please share}

What do feel when you listen to the song? If you enjoyed this song, please do follow Sidibe on her Instagram and SoundCloud accounts for updates on her music and upcoming shows. To purchase any of her previous work, visit her Bandcamp page.

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