Mixtress Chronicles: AGCM Style Detangler Re-loaded

I reformulated my homemade detangling conditioner and I luv this version a whoooole lot more.

The ingredients are even simpler than the previous batch:

Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner
my Shea Frosting

That's it.

I didn't measure anything, sorry. I'm bad about that. I just have gotten into the habit of eye balling things now. I think I used a smidge more conditioner than shea frosting though.

Only other thing I may add is some fragrance like vanilla. Other than that it's fab.

It gave such a smooth and creamy consistency. The creaminess and slip is outta this world. Detangling's a friggin dream with this mix. Even better than my last mix. It's great to DC as well. Leaves my hair feeling smooth, soft, and moisturized. I luv it! I can't say it enough!

This jar of green stuff is my henna gloss I made in bulk so I don't have to keep mixing up a batch everytime. I store my henna gloss in the freezer when I'm not using it. It thaws out just fine. Stir before use and I'm good to go.

I started storing my homemade conditioners in mason jars and I like this. It provides an air tight environment, therefore preserving my mixtures even better.

Next on my list of things to mix up is a conditioner of some sort that has some mayonnaise in it.....