My Hair: Twisted

So Sunday night, I conditioned and washed my hair. I used my homemade hair mayo mix to condition with. It's a light protein and moisturizing treatment. The recipe should be under the Mixtress Chronicles section of the blog but if not I'll do a post on it. I needed it though. It had my hair feeling so soft, fluffy, uber moisturized and my koils crazy defined.

(You already know about the earrings.

I decided after it was conditioned and washed that I would do twists. I was apprehensive b/c from about late last summer till recently, my hair was in a weird growing out stage and I felt the twists looked weird when they were worn down; like they didn't fall right on my head and just looked awkward. It was probably all in my head but it annonyed me and I wouldn't wear twists for extended periods of time. I would only wear them for no more than a couple days so that I could rock the twist out.

Well, as you saw in my Dry, Dry, DRY! post, my hair wasn't playing around with me and I had to put some protective styles in my life PRONTO or suffer the possible consequences. So I decided to go back to twists. I figured if I didn't like them, I'd just be wearing a hat all week. =/

Luckily that didn't happen. I like them again, Yay! I twisted them with water and my shea pudding. I may only be using my shea frosting for just my body now. I really like twisting with the pudding a lot. My twists don't feel as heavy and the sheen they have is bananas. Mine took me about 2 hours to complete. I have challenged myself to keep them in for 3 weeks.

For maintenance, I just mist them every morning with my homemade moisturizing mist, fluff and I'm out the door. At night, I put on my satin hair cap and go to bed (I'm interested in one of those more jazzy satin caps: the Pretty Wrap ).

I got some of those E-Z Combs the other day and I can't wait to play with them and do a post. Haven't done a make up tut on here in a while. Gonna drum up a nice spring look.

Stay tuned and once I hit 300 followers, I will announce the next giveaway. :D


NewRibena said…
Glad your new regimen is working for you. I have one of those pretty wraps and I love it. I wonder though if they will ever be available in larger sizes.