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"Tamara" wrote in and asked for some pointers on keeping her newly natural tresses moisturized:

"I am 1 month natural and i love being natural, I am so proud to embrace my natural self. I have one problem my hair is sooo dry, i have tried the curly girl method just did not work for me. I can not wash and go every day dries out my hair really bad. I do not want to be a product junkie such as I was when I was relaxed. Can you please spare some advice. It seems water dries my hair out I have tried different conncotions nothing is working. I am going to list the products i currently have and see if you can come up with a plan for my dry hair.products i currently have extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, honey, vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil,and vegetable glycerin with rose water. i will not go back to a relaxer so please, HELP A SISTA OUT!!!!"

Here are some things that I have come up with:

  • How exactly are you moisturizing your hair? Do you moisturize with a water based product first and then seal with an oil? Castor oil is a great oil to seal with. It's nice and thick and really helps keep moisture in.
  • Maybe you need something heavier to seal with right now like a hair cream or butter if oils aren't cutting it.

  • How often are you conditioning your hair? In this cold weather (well depends on where you live I suppose), it's good to try to do intense moisturizing treatments/conditions once a week or at least every 2 weeks if you can.

  • Be careful with that vegetable glycerin. I did a post on that and why it can dry your hair out. Read it when you can. After you read it, try caring for your hair without it and observe how your hair acts and feels. It may be better off without it.

  • How are you wearing your hair? Depending on what region of the country you are in, the dry and cold winter air can be drying your hair out if you're wearing it out too much. Protective styles work! A great protective style for serious aka very short TWA's are finger coils and once your hair starts to grow longer, you can do 2 strand twists or braids. Protective styles like them really help your hair retain more moisture and keep it from drying out.

Hope these suggestions help in your quest for moisturized hair, "Tamara". You all read last month how I've been battling with dry hair this season myself. It's a journey; a learning process. So roll up your sleeves and continue trying things and taking notes of what's working and what isn't. It will all come together in time. Our hair takes patience but the rewards are mind blowing. Natural hair is, as Rihanna says in her latest single, "so hard". I luv it!

So I know some of my AGCM ladies on here may have some other gems of knowledge to share to help her out. Weigh in!


Adlyn said…
Water and coconut oil is a great way to moisturize hair. The seal with an emollient.