Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toni Daley Encourages us to Support-A-Sista

   Boy, the Northeast has been taking a pounding this winter. New York City is feeling like Rochester this time of year. I never returned to Rochester because of those winters. Mother Nature is showing us who really runs the world. After recovering from snow storms last week and snow this past Sunday evening, we got hit with another storm early this morning. Things are a mess and it was not safe to travel to work so I'm working from home and doing some writing. I wanted to share this vid, shown above, by Toni Daley. I love both her Youtube channels and in her latest cause, she's encouraging us sistas to support each other more and raise awareness of sistas we can purchase from. I know there is more to the world than just sistas, but we need to lift each other up more, because there are still so many that don't want to see us unified. Some never tire of see us acting "Love & Hip Hop" style, let's put our foot down and build each other up.

I try to buy black whenever I can. Through many years in customer service and sales, I am a stickler for quality products and services so if I get both, I'm more than elated to do business. Many of my favorite accessories shops are sista owned and offer amazing service. Below I share some businesses that I enjoy patronizing and that I plan to in the near future. Share in the comments any great sista owned businesses that you enjoy or want to buy from in the future.

Some Sista Owned Shops I Like

Rachel Stewart Jewelry- I've been rockin with Rachel for years now. Never met in person but she seems like she has a wonderful spirit, she sells great pieces that draw inspiration from the Adinkra symbols as well as other sources and her service and fast shipping always exceeds my expectations.

Rachel Stewart Jewelry "Duafe" studs

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Black History Month 2014

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Happy Black History Month! I'm a proud black woman and I celebrate the rich history of our people 365 days of the year but I'm thankful to have a month to celebrate it even more! This year I decided to challenge myself to learn some new things about my beautiful black people and our contributions to America and the world that I didn't know before so I wanted to share 5 facts that aren't as commonly shared this time of the year and that I didn't know before now.

Did you know?

  1. Potato chips, an American snack favorite, were first invented by a Black man named George Crum in 1853. He was a chef in Saratoga Springs, NY, how cool is that? Though he didn't patent them and didn't come  up with the idea to bag them and sell them, he invented them. I don't know about you but I looove potato chips!
  2. Sarah Goode, in 1885, was the first black women to receive a US Patent. She was a freed slave that moved to Chicago and opened her own furniture shop and created a cabinet bed that folded into the wall.
  3. Thomas Edison gets all the credit for inventing the light bulb but he really wasn't. His initial model was a failure using a paper filament. Lewis Latimer, a black man, created a carbon model that contained a carbon filament which made it last longer, which made light bulb production much cheaper and more affordable for people across the country to light their homes.
  4. Philip B. Downing, a black man, created the first protective postal mailbox in 1891. Before then, mailboxes were semi open which exposed mail to thieves stealing it and to being destroyed by the natural elements like rain and snow.
  5. On this day, 5 years ago, Eric Holder was the 1st black Attorney General sworn in.

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