Sunday, July 6, 2014

Traveling // How to Wear My Hair for South Africa!!

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I'm headed to South Africa in two weeks! It's so surreal that the trip is almost here and I'm getting more and more excited with each day that passes. Aside from packing (which I haven't started yet! Yikes.), the next question I still haven't answered is what to do with my hair. Traveling internationally always inspires me to choose a hairstyle that I won't have to fuss with or do everyday. I want to spend as much of my time as possible experiencing the trip, not styling my hair. I try pack as light as possible because you never know how much shopping you are going to do and you want room for your newly acquired treasures without incurring any additional costs on the way back. That means keeping my toiletries, hair supplies and styling tools at a minimum. I will be between Johannesburg and Cape Town for 10 days and am contemplating three different and low cost hairstyles that I wouldn't really need to fuss with my hair much nor bring any hair supplies with me outside of a hair tie and head scarf for bed. Below are the three I'm choosing from.

Loose Twists: This style never fails me and doesn't take long to install (like 2.5 hours). A set of loose twists lasts me up to 3 weeks and since my hair is pretty long now, I can pull them into a ponytail and create other hairstyles with them.

Me rocking loose twists back in January/February of this year

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Music That Can MAC // Asante Amin x Fly Union

Happy 4th of July's Eve. We made it to the long weekend! Why not have some good music to jam out to over the holiday weekend? These two artists I have talked about on here before but they both recently dropped new projects and they're fire! Both albums are sure to turn up your weekend. Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy 4th. Support good music so we can hear more of it, they have bills to pay just like we do. :-)

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Small Victories is Fly Union's latest project that just dropped. It's grittier than they're previous projects but if you like good hip -hop, you will enjoy this. Can't wait until they come back to New York!

I just recently talked about Asante Amin on here and his new album, The Visitor: Alter Destiny, dropped not much longer after that post. OMG. I was playing this at work yesterday and was straight. Jammin. HARD. It's that good. My absolute favorites are "Love", "Make Love" and "Higher" but the whole project is great for the ears.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Fantastic Four // Awesome Hair Moisturizers for Fine, Medium-Low Density Natural Hair

Yay, a hair post! I know it's been a while since I talked about anything hair related so let's get into it. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite daily hair moisturizers for my fine, medium density natural hair that I happily drop my hard earned cash on. If you have fine, medium-low density hair, try these out if you're on the hunt for a moisturizer that's light yet effective and won't weigh your hair down. I love that all four of these a little goes a long way so you don't have to apply gobs of it to reap the benefits and they can also double as leave in conditioners. Please note, the order I listed them does NOT indicate the order in which I adore these moisturizers. I adore them all the same, give or take, and I'm glad that I have options.

I learned of the Sweet Nature by Eddie Journey Hair Milk (pictured to the right) from one of my favorite Youtubers from back in my early natural hair days. I don't think she makes videos anymore but I loved her spirit and learned a lot from her videos. She gave a review on this hair milk back in 2010 (or late 2009) and I loved it immediately because it smelled great (like cherry vanilla! The guy I was dating at the time couldn't get enough of it.), was light and effective. A little goes a very long way with the product as well. This hair milk gives my hair that juicy feel even though it's glycerin free (it has cetearyl alcohol which a is a fatty alcohol that acts a humectant- draws moisture from the air to your hair in this case). I find that this one does influence my hair to shrink up a little more than the other moisturizers I share but I don't mind it because my hair feels juicy the next day. :-) The other great thing about this being uber moisturizing is that it kind of acts as a mild styler for setting a style. It will not replace true stylers and gels for hold, but this moisturizer creates slight definition for twist outs, braid outs and bantu knot outs more than the other moisturizers listed. This can be purchased at


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