Move Over Ben Wa Balls /// Where to Buy Yoni Eggs

Image from Ashley's Naturals. This is the next yoni egg that I want to purchase for myself.

Move over ben wa balls, I love yoni eggs more. I've talked about yoni eggs, also known as jade eggs, HERE before and wanted to share where I like to purchase mine from. My selections are sista owned businesses them with women's, especially those of color, health; vitality and wellness in mind. I have purchased eggs from the first two and want to purchase from the other to support them.

To quickly summarize, yoni is the Sanskirt (an ancient language from India) word for sacred space in reference to the feminine genitalia and our wombs. Many, myself included, believe that this sacred space is a portal of sorts that let's energy in and out of us. These energies include: positive energy, negative energy and the energy of another life in the form of a baby or a man in the form of intercourse. To learn more about this you can read some posts I did on this topic in more detail HERE and HERE.

Yoni eggs are great tools for our physical, emotional and our spiritual well being. From a physical vantage point, yoni eggs help strengthen and condition the pelvic floor muscles and keep you tight and right. Kegels in conjunction with yoni eggs will keep you snatched and having to swat your man away from you. *wink* They are also said, with consistent use with them to aid in stronger orgasms and a more slippery cookie (optimal production of the natural lubricant you produce when you are aroused).

Yoni eggs are made of various crystals to aid in your spiritual health and healing. The shops listed below carry a wide array of crystal selections. I have never purchased eggs from the last selection but plan to in support of them in the near future.

Ashley's Naturals
I purchased a rhodonite crystal yoni egg from them recently. The standout trait to me of this crystal as a yoni egg was that it helped me to detox myself of any lower vibration (negative energy) energies I was holding onto and it also helped increase my awareness of self love, self care and being gentle with myself. 
I purchased from them before they were The company is Organic Blood but they have since created this separate site, YoniEggs, which is dedicated solely to selling and providing resources for yoni eggs. With them, I purchased a red snakeskin jasper egg. I worked with this egg in the spring of this year. It has very strong grounding energy that rooted me while I figured out what I wanted to do with my career and professional life.

This site is owned by a young woman I want to meet one day named Nerissa Irving. She is a wife, has the cutest little girl, and is all about uplifting and encouraging women. As I stated before, I haven't purchased with them before but I plan to in the near future to support their intentions.

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Anonymous said…
I can't wait to get my hands on my first yoni egg. Not in a position where I can purchase one yet but I trust that the universe will provide me with one in due time. I love Nerissa Irving! She is just so insightful! Her instagram is always poppin! lol. Another option to consider for the eggs is Grace Diaz, I think her website is She offers amazing content on youtube about yoni eggs and "the art of orgasm" if you will. Again, I've never bought any but she's very open and adamant about making sure that her eggs are safe and are pure crystals, she tests the eggs herself (through a geo lab) and gets them all certified as original pure gemstones which I think is really important since we will be inserting them into our sacred spaces.