Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Natural & Effective Yeast Infection Remedies // Women's Yoni & Gut Health

Panties pictured: Fruit of the Loom All Over Lace Bikini Panties- 6 pack

Most, if not all, women have experienced this itchy, uncomfortable and unwelcome situation. I am sharing 3 natural and effective ways to cure yeast infections; an adventure us woman run into occasionally or more frequently than we would like. Don't wait until your flower is raw from itching ravenously to try these natural cures out. They are safe (unless you are allergic to any of the things I am sharing), natural, inexpensive and most importantly, effective.  I use any of these three when I find myself in this predicament and each of them work for me every time and I think they can help you all too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Natural Birth Control /// 3 Reasons Why I Love the Fertility Awareness Method

It essentially made me more proud to be a woman; there is so much power in knowledge and understanding that knowledge.

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I've intended to write about the fertility awareness method, aka FAM, for probably a year now. I love to call it natural birth control because, when used properly, it can help women to avoid pregnancy or plan a family without the use of pills, patches, shots, rings or IUDs. After enduring adverse experiences with birth control when I took it last year, upon entering a monogamous relationship, I searched for alternatives and found some including this method. I have used FAM for almost a year now and it has changed my life in so many amazing ways. Today I'm sharing three things that I love about the fertility awareness method

1) No pills, patches, shots, rings or IUD's are involved

No synthetic anything needs to go into my blood stream, uterine lining, etc. This method is 100% non invasive and no monthly prescription needed.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Move Over Ben Wa Balls /// Where to Buy Yoni Eggs

Image from Ashley's Naturals. This is the next yoni egg that I want to purchase for myself.

Move over ben wa balls, I love yoni eggs more. I've talked about yoni eggs, also known as jade eggs, HERE before and wanted to share where I like to purchase mine from. My selections are sista owned businesses them with women's, especially those of color, health; vitality and wellness in mind. I have purchased eggs from the first two and want to purchase from the other to support them.

To quickly summarize, yoni is the Sanskirt (an ancient language from India) word for sacred space in reference to the feminine genitalia and our wombs. Many, myself included, believe that this sacred space is a portal of sorts that let's energy in and out of us. These energies include: positive energy, negative energy and the energy of another life in the form of a baby or a man in the form of intercourse. To learn more about this you can read some posts I did on this topic in more detail HERE and HERE.

Yoni eggs are great tools for our physical, emotional and our spiritual well being. From a physical vantage point, yoni eggs help strengthen and condition the pelvic floor muscles and keep you tight and right. Kegels in conjunction with yoni eggs will keep you snatched and having to swat your man away from you. *wink* They are also said, with consistent use with them to aid in stronger orgasms and a more slippery cookie (optimal production of the natural lubricant you produce when you are aroused).

Yoni eggs are made of various crystals to aid in your spiritual health and healing. The shops listed below carry a wide array of crystal selections. I have never purchased eggs from the last selection but plan to in support of them in the near future.


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