Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday 2015 Travel e-Book Picks

Happy Holidays everyone! The holiday season is upon us and let the traveling to your home town, a warm and tropical location or where ever you are going, begin! When I travel, I love stocking up on e-Books because they don't weigh my bag down like a bunch a physical books would. So if you're like me too, today I am shouting out some great reads you can load up onto your Kindle or [the free] Kindle reader app for those with iPads or other tablets and enjoy en route to your holiday destination. If any of you are members of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program, some of these books you can read for free.

Quick note. This will more than likely be the last post of the year! We wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays this year and we'll be back in 2016 with some even great things in store. Stay tuned and we send you love, joy and laughter this season and always!

All books shared today have affiliate links- I was not paid to share these books. They are my personal picks that I have read on my own and purchased each with my own money.


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