Friday, July 25, 2008

Orange & Pink Eyes w/ a Hint of Purple

I did these eyes yesterday. Once again, using colors mostly from my palettes. My highlight color is MAC Warming Trend. I love this color as a highlight. It's beautiful! On the water line I have NYX Pearl Mania loose e/s pigment and a dark purple from the palette on the outer water line area.

Green & Purple-Blue Eyes

This look was inspired by an ad I saw in Sephora. The girl had lime green on the inner lid and like an eggplant purple on the outer lid with blue on the water line. It looked hot so I wanted to try to replicate it with the colors from my 80 color palette. The only colors that aren't from my palette are my highlight which is MAC Warming Trend from the Cool Heat collection and I used some of my NYX Pearl Mania loose eye shadow pigment in Purple for the water line. It didn't come out the way I wanted it to, I'm going to try it again with some different colors, but I like how it came out! Holla!

I'm telling you people, these palettes are GRRRRRREAT!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green Eyes: L'Oreal HIP Metallic Eye Shadow Duo

L'Oreal HIP Metallic Eye Shadow Duo in Gunmetal. Check me out.

Product Review: L'Oreal HIP Metallic Duo eye shadows/Pink and Purple Eyes

L'Oreal HIP has a new line of eye shadow duos out. They are the Metallic duos and come in 5 different colors. I got 3 of the 5: Sculpted (Pink and Purple duo), Platinum (Silver and Black duo), and Gunmetal (Greens). I wore sculpted yesterday. Check me out.

The colors that I have are great. I haven't worn the Platinum one yet but the other 2 are superb. I am wearing Gunmetal today and pics from today will be in the next post. The color pay off is great and they really do give off a fly, metallic shine. So go try them out!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Party Make Up- Mature Women of Color

So yesterday, I did my aunt's make up for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party that she was attending. 50 years of marriage equals gold, so I gave her a gold eye and crimson lips.

Blue w/ Hint of Purple Look

So I was feeling super funky and it was Friday so I came up with this look. I used false eye lashes too. I used many of the colors from my new palettes.

Sooooo, I'm also thinking that once I get a tri-pod for my camera that I will try my hand at doing some make up, black haircare, and other beauty related tutorials! So be on the look out for that.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Protein Conditioner: Silicon Mix Pearl Protein (Proteina de Perlas) Conditioner

Soooo. I haven’t talked much about hair really. Silicon Mix intensive conditioner is one of my all time favorite protein conditioners in the whole wide world. So when I was running dangerously low on the goods, I went to my local BSS to buy another jar of it. Low and behold, I came across this:

*Sounds of angelic choir and the harp play*

It’s Silicon Mix’s newest pearl protein conditioner and it also has silk amino acids in it. (It has keratin as well but that was in the original one too) Pearl proteins are supposed to strengthen the hair and add more shine as well. Yesssss. *Does the cabbage patch* I so love it. I might have to write the company a letter in English AAAAAAAND Spanish! One last thing, it has a strong scent/fragrance. So if you have sensitive nostrils, I’m letting you know now. LOL.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Product Review: Laura Geller Welcome Matte Skin Enhancer

Sorry the picture came out so blurry the camera wouldn't focus! You can get a better look at the product on

So I made some purchases from Sephora last week and was given a free sample of Laura Geller Welcome Matte Skin Enhancer. This is a pretty good product for anyone with oily skin like myself. It's a gel based oil and shine absorbing fluid that helps minimize the size of pores and reduce shine. It works pretty good. You can put it on the areas of your face that get shiny before or after your foundation/powder is on. It works better for me when I put it on after. I put it on my T-Zone and cheeks b/c those are my oily spots. While at the end of the day, my face is still oily, it doesn't looke as oily as it would if I didn't use it. Get it?

Is it the solution to eliminating your oily skn? No. But it will help to reduce some if not a lot of your shine? Yes. Cuz I still have to blot a lil but not as much as before. When the sample is used up, I will more than likely buy.

Product Review/Greens Eyes

My 80 Color Eye Shadow Palette set came in (It's actually split into 2 palettes of 40 e/s in each but it's a set totalling 80 colors) yesterday! I got them off of Ebay for under $20 including shipping and the color payoff is GRRRRRRR-EAT! I couldn't wait to play with them this morning.

I decided to do a green eye w/ greens from my new palette. I dont remember the numbers I used though. If you are really interested in what colors I used leave a comment and I will list what colors I used.

If you are interested in purchasing them, I bought them on Ebay fromt the seller impressive_gems. So go check them out and see if they have any left! I'm feelin them and this SHOULD put a major hold on any e/s purchases for a lil while. LOL.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Eyes

I was feeling festive on the 4th and decided to do a Holiday inspired eye so here is what I came up with.

* MAC Select Tint spf 35 in NW45
* MAC pressed bronzing powder in deep bronze (I believe it was)

* Too Faced Shadow Insurance e/s primer
* Lid: 1) Wet N Wild Kohl eyeliner pencil in White 2) White e/s (from E.L.F smokey eyes quad) 3) NYX Rust 4) MAC Climate Blue
* Crease: Brown e/s from L'Oreal HIP e/s duo in Foxy
* Highlight: the other color e/s from L'Oreal HIP e/s due in Foxy
* Mascara: L'Oreal Telescopic mascara in carbon black (lurve this mascara!)
* Liner: L'Oreal HIP truth cream eye liner in black on top and NYX Rust w/ mixing medium to liner lower eye/water line
* False lashes: Sossi #33 (found them at my local BSS.) Next time, will use Ardell.

* L'Oreal HIP l/g tube in Sweet


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