Saturday, May 30, 2009

Giveaway Updates

The giveaway deadline is up! The last day to enter was yesterday. This weekend is bananas. So I will randomly select 3 names from a hat and announce the winners early next week. Thanks to all who participated! I've got another awesome giveaway coming up soon! Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Easy Toner Recipe

I luv what toner does for my face but commercial brands in the past would irritate and dry my skin out so much, it would actually make my face even MORE oily. I'm fast becoming a certified mixtress. I decided to try the acv rinse I use on my hair on my face. Eureka! It works FABULOUSLY!

I've been using it for about a week and so far, my skin feels even more amazing since I've started. It's smoother and brighter. I'm luvin it and am glad to add toner back into my skin care regimen. After seeing these results, it was truly missed! I just had to find something that works for me.

How I Use It

I cleanse my face first, pat dry, then put some of the toner on a cotton ball to put on my face. After that, I moisturize my face (w/ a lil aloe vera gel and 2 drops of avocado or coconut oil). Voila.

So here's the recipe:

* 1 part ACV (apple cider vinegar)
* 4-5 parts water

That's all folks.

It's best to shake before use. I put my mix in an old face wash bottle; you can try putting it in an applicator bottle as well.

Easy peasy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mist Makin Machine: More Moisturizing Mist Recipes

Having fun making your own moisturizing mists yet? Try this one out and you just might like the results:

- Water
- Aloe vera juice
- Honeyquat or glycerin
- Olicoco oil (blend of olive and coconut oil)

You'll want to play with your amounts till you get results you like. I make sure my mists contain a majority of water and small amts of the glycerin (or honeyquat) and oil/s.

I learned that using "Olicoco" (olive oil and coconut oil) oil is a moisturizing oil combo force to be reckoned with! They are moisturizing oils.

(When I'm saying an oil is "moisturizing", that means that the oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft. Most oils cannot penetrate and therefore just lubricate aka "seal the moisture in" the hair shaft, which is very important too. I put moisturizing in quotation marks b/c, I do not feel that water can be or should be substituted with these "moisturizing" oils. Water is the ultimate moisturizer and always needs to be in the mix.)

I'm diggin this mix at the moment:

* Water
* Glycerin (I only use a cap full) or honeyquat
* Jojoba oil (once again, I only use a lil bit- you can easily make your mists too oily)

I had already thought to try this with jojoba oil but Jc over at The Natural Haven wrote an article about jojoba oil and that sealed, pun intended, the deal for me to make this mist and see what my results were.

I really like it. It's simple: only 3 ingredients. Most importantly, it works. My hair stays incredibly moisturized for long periods of time. Many times I can get away with misting it on every other day.

Try both and see which one you like best! Take turns using both. Or use all 3 oils (oil blend) in your mist.

I'm thinking the next mist I will create will go something like this:

* Water
* Aloe vera juice
* Glycerin
* blend of Olicoco and Jojoba oil- so I get the moisture (olicoco) and sealing (jojoba) action in 1!

I luv being a mixtress. You get to have what YOU want in your products.

Explore and enjoy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Make Your Own Conditioning Gel

So I tried the conditioner only method for a second time a couple weeks back. It was nothing to write home about. While it did leave my hair incredibly soft, which I luved, it didn't give me any hold what so ever and I suffered MAJOR frizz. (See the vid I created sharing my thoughts on it.) Frizz doesn't necessarily look bad on me but I just don't like a lot of it.

I like my coils n spirals to POP. This is just how Milan does. So needless to say, I still aint diggin the conditioner only method on my tresses.

Well, Mahogany Curls and Prettydimples01 both did vids on making your own conditioning gel and they inspired me to try making my own. The mixtress in me was excited to embark on the adventure.

Here's what I used in mine:

* About an oz of Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner
* A few oz of Afro Veda PUR Whipped Gelly
* About 4-5 oz aloe vera gel
* About 1 tbsp Eco-Styler gel
* 1 tbsp coconut oil

Why Did I Add, What I Added to Mine???????

I added conditioner for the "conditioning" effect; to not only style but condition my hair as well. The PUR Whipped Gelly, b/c I'm trying to use it up. I used a lil Eco-Styler gel for hold and aloe vera gel to weigh the curls down and counterbalance any crunchiness I may get from the Eco-Styler. Coconut oil was added for moisture and shine.

How It Came Out

Homemade Conditioning Gel Results

I raked n smoothed it into my hair (in small sections of course) on sopping wet hair, spritzed with water once I had worked it all in, gave my head a shake to separate the curls, and let airdry.

The results were simply SMASHING! The curls were poppin like whoa. My hair had just the right balance of moisture, softness and hold. Eureka! Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd, it gave my coils n spirals more hang time. I'm hooked.

1 Year Relaxer Free!

It's been about 1 year since a relaxer last touched my hair and 5 months (going on 6!) since my BC. Funny how time flies, right? It's so crazy. So, a recap of 10 things (in no specific order) to add to all that I have learned along my journey so far:

1) Henna glosses are the ish: strengthen, smooth, thicken, moisturize, and add shine to my situation

2) Try your hand at making your own conditioning gel. You might like the results better than what's on the store shelves

3) Detangling in sections is the truth (pre-pooing with some oils and aloe vera gel helps make detangling a lot easier too)

4) I did kinky twists on my hair a couple days ago, by myself (pics coming soon)! They came out pretty good. Practice definitely makes perfect though

5) My hair is ok w/ glycerin in really small amts in spritzes, which means I have to make my own.

6) I found a new moisturizing spritz that's the ish for me: water, glycerin, and jojoba oil

Me last year

Me now

(Click on the pics to enlarge them)

7) Chlorella has really helped boost my hair growth rate (as well as my overall health and livelihood)

8) About 1 cup of my co-wash conditioner + 1/2 tbsp baking soda = cleansing co-wash

9) I can't wait to try honeyquat. It's said to be even more moisturizing than glycerin

10) Making my own products aka being a mixologist is fun

See my other post to see my account of what I learned 2 months into my natural journey.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Won't Be Long...

Before I'm back. My computer's been cured. So now I have to wait for it to be shipped back to me. I've got loads of updates and another giveaway coming up. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Computer Probs

My lappy is down. Grrr.... It's being fixed. Will be back soon with awesome updates. I have so much to talk about! Until then, you can stay updated on all the random things I do and think on my Twitter account. Stay naturally fly!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Twitter Bug

So I've finally "stepped into the bad side". Dun, dun, DUUUUUNNNNNN..... I'm a Twitter bug now. I just started it this weekend.

I don't really need another online thing to be addicted to but oh well, "I done did it now".

Many coo people on there. I'm lookin forward to following some craft luvin/sewing peeps and of course MUA's, natural hair stylistas, and whatever else I find amusing.

My sn's StylnProfyln on there. You can also see my latest updates on here on the right hand side (may have to scroll down or up depending upon the position of this post).

Friday, May 1, 2009

So I'm Not The Only One

that has had the relaxer dream before. MissKrisNew knows what's up.

When I had a relaxer dream, post BC, I woke up tight and immediately started touching my hair feverishly to make sure it was a dream and not real! LMAO.

Any of you had this kind of dream before?

Before I sign off, Leave in the Kinks is having a contest. They are looking for you to share your dopest natural hairstyles that are an expression and extension of who you are.

The original post says the deadline is May 1st but they have extended it to the 15th so get over there and send in your entries.

I would enter but my hair still isn't really long enough to put into any real styles. Wait. I take that back. An idea just popped into my head. I think I just might enter now. LOL.

Have a great weekend!

Wash n Go

Just thought I'd post this real fast. In this pic, my wash n go was about 4 days old and going strong. It lasted fabulously for 7 days till I washed again!

A brief run down of how I achieved this:

* Co-washed (Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner)
* Distributed a lil of co-wash conditioner (as a leave-in) and coconut oil throughout hair
* Employed "Rake & Smooth" technique, using Eco-Stlyer styling gel on sections of hair
* Let air dry
* Once 80-90% dry, fluffed and styled (pik'd for extra volume) as I liked


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