Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Took My Kinky Twists Down

Last wednesday. My hair is growing something serious and I don't mind it at all. After I took the kinky twists down, I did a henna gloss and mini twisted my hair using my homemade shea frosting. I use the frosting for my body but I got the idea to try it in my hair and I really like twisting with it (better than the Afro Veda PUR Whipped Gelly). I'll be doing a review on my shea frosting on my hair. Let's just say I no longer hate shea butter en mi pelo.

My twists have gotten longer since the last time I did them back in April. I'm starting to have little bangs! LOL.

I left them in till today when I took them down to rock a twist out:

Can we say I luvs my hair! It's getting bigger and bigger by the day. Yay!

If you wanna see more pics of my hair, check out my fotki.

On the fence what to do next with my hair. Kinky twist back up? Mini twist again? I don't know..... I thinking of going extension-less the rest of the summer and maybe return to them in the fall.

You never know with me. I'm doing something.... The journey continues!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flower in Her Hair

I made this hair candy myself and couldn't luv it any more than I already do! I have tons more to create b/c the ideas keep poppin into my head.

They're such a fun way to jazz up any length hair, long, short, straight, wavy, twa, you name it!

Are you a crafty sucker? Check out my creative blog if you want the scoop on how I made this and more pics.

Not a crafty sucker? You can purchase them from my Etsy shop.

There's only a few items up now but there is more to come. Stay tuned beauties.

Kinky Twisted My Hair

Ok, so I haven't been updating like I normally do. Internet situation is on the fritz again but don't worry, I'm working to solve the problem for good this time so I appreciate your patience with me.

Now that the disclaimer is out there, let's get to talking about hair!

So about 3 weeks ago, ya girl kinky twisted her own hair for the very first time!

While they aren’t perfect, I think I did pretty good for my 1st time. They don’t look triflin or anything like that. I’m just a perfectionist and feel that practice makes perfect. I’ll get better as I keep doing them.

They took me about 9 hours to complete. Woo! My arms were soooo tired when I finished them. I did them over a 2 day period. I did 6 hours one evening and the following morning, I attacked the middle which took the last 3 hours. It took me a while but it’s worth it not to have to do anything to your hair for a few weeks outside of misting on some moisturizer.

I used Harlem 125 Afro Kinky Marley Braid hair. It cost $6 a pack at my local BSS (I bought 3 packs but only used 2).

They were just what the doctor ordered. I was getting bored. My hair’s still not long enough to produce many styles and I was “pheenin” for the ability to bust out some up do’s. So I twisted up and have been bangin out up do’s since, like the one featured that I created.

I plan to keep this set in for only a couple more weeks, then I’ll take a 1-2 week break, throw in a henna gloss and put them back in. I have a better grip of what I’m doing now so they should come out better next time around and I’ll leave them in longer.

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara

Straight from the Physician's Formula website:

- Revolutionary 100% Natural Origin formula contains the purest ingredients and provides 5x Lash Boosting for lash length, volume & definition naturally.

- 100% Recyclable Eco-Brush defines each lash with ultra-soft plastic bristles.

- 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Preservatives, Parabens, Clumping, Smudging, Flaking, Fibers & Dyes.

Sounds pretty good right?

I’ve been practically dying to try out this mascara since I read about in the April issue of InStyle magazine. Kerri Russell, one of my stylista favs, was raving about it. That sista’s make up stays on point so I really took her opinion on it into consideration.

Credible it was. This mascara is the bizness. I’m a user for life! It doesn’t clump and my lashes aren’t crunchy and hard. NO CRUNCHY LASHES! My lashes stay soft to the touch but they still POP. It just looks like my lashes are naturally dark and long. I’m luvin it like you wouldn’t believe.

You should be able to find it at any of your local drug stores, Wal-Marts, K-Marts, etc. I purchased it for about $11 at K-Mart.

Friday, June 5, 2009

And the Winners Are.....

Sorry it took me longer than I promised to announce the winners! This week has been crazy hectic. I have 3 make up appointments, so far, for this month (yay!) so I've been running around making arrangements and ordering stuff for my kit. Still need to buy foundations though......

Anywho, so the names were chosen randomly (out of a hat). So here goes:

1st Winner (gets bookmark on the left): Amina

2nd Winner (gets bookmark in the middle): Laquita

3rd Winner(gets bookmark on the right): NuBeauti

Ladies please email me at milan@agrlcanmac.com with your mailing information.

Thanks for all of you that shared what natural hair care books you're diggin and lookout for my next giveaway coming up soon!

Have a great weekend and stay naturally fly ;0)


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