Saturday, November 27, 2010

Twists Maintainence Tips

As you all saw in the most recent post, I did mini twists again.... and disliked them again. Lol. Besides my latest mini twists fail, many of us kurlies turn to twists, be they large or small, in the cold months to manipulate our hair less and help it retain more moisture. Below I've shared some tips on how to maintain your hair while in twists.

* Keep your twists stretched and prevent them from getting flat over time by wrapping them each night before bed. Naptural85 has a great video on how she maintains her miny twists for 4 weeks at a time. In the vid she shows how she wraps the twists at night and how they look when she takes them down in the morning. CLICK HERE to see it and subscribe to her (let her know AGrlCanMac sent you!) if you aren't already. She has a great spirit and I've learned a wealth of information from her.

If you have longer hair and don't have the energy or enthusiasm to wrap your twists, braid them in sections before bed to prevent shrinking overnight.

{Image from Natural Afro Hair}

* Wash your twists in sections like you do your loose hair. I couldn't find a video for this so I will briefly describe it:

My Hair: Mini Twists are a No....Again

Hey Kurlies. Happy belated Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoyed the time spent with their fam and indulged in all the sinfully delicious eats. I know I did. Haven't updated in a minute, I know. Life's been super active. I have to get better at maximizing my wakeful hours.

Anywho, I'm in the Nati (Cincinnati), visiting with family and having a blast. If you follow me on twitter then you know that not only did I mini twist my hair but that I all but hated it. Hahahaha. At this stage of my hair's length, I just don't like twists on me. I'm still debating if I want to share the pics with you guys. I have medium density hair so even though I did them small, they still lacked volume. The only time they looked the best on me I feel is when I had a TWA.

So more posts to come. Keep it kinky kurly!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Just Bought a $20 Comb!

I didn't think I'd see the day that I'd purchase a comb so expensive. I recently bought the Magic Star Jumbo Rake comb by Hercules Sagmann and am waiting for it to arrive. I did my research on this comb and I've heard nothing but great things about it on the hair forums and on YouTube so a review will be in order in the near future. I bought it because it's seamless so it won't snag or snap your hair strands when detangling and it also reduces static on your hair. More details to come.

Any of you have this comb?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Leave In Experiment

I washed my hair this morning and tried a new leave in combo. All of this was done on my hair in sections, mind you. I spritzed each section with my hair mist (water, aloe vera juice and grapeseed oil). Next, I sealed with my oil mix and then layered a little bit of Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer. I made sure to focus the oil and cream on my ends since that is the oldest and most fragile area of your hair. Lastly, I combed it all through for even distribution of product. I have each section braided up now and am letting it air dry.

I have somewhere to be in a little bit so I'll be slapping on a wig. By evening my hair should be dry and we'll see what kind of results I get. Let's see! Updates to come.

Mixtress Chronicles: My Latest Oil Mix

I realized that all summer I had been abandoning my beloved oils. I know, what's up with that, right? But now that it's not so warm out anymore, I am crawling back to them. Lol. 

When it gets cold, I bust out my castor oil because it's thick and is really good at helping my hair retain moisture in the cold and dry months. It also gives my hair a fabulous sheen; it's not even a joke. Once it gets warm though, it's too heavy so I put it away. I have found a way to use it all year round and I'm so silly that I didn't do this earlier: mix it with lighter oils to thin it out, duh! So that's what I did. Here's the recipe to my latest oil mix:

* 2oz Castor Oil
* 2oz Grapeseed Oil
* 2oz Coconut Oil
* 5 drops of Tangerine Essential Oil for a little scent

These three oils are my favorite oils. I also like avocado oil and sweet almond oil but they are not as cost effective as these three oils are so I do not buy/use them frequently. I use this mix for sealing my hair especially after I've washed it. I'll spritz on some of my hair mist (water, aloe vera juice and grapeseed oil) and then seal with this mix (first) and a little bit of a hair cream. (I do all of this in sections, of course.) This combo has my hair feeling nice. ;D

What oils do you like to mix together?

Next mix up for me is my homemade conditioner (post coming soon!). My lovely Yes to Cucumbers conditioner is running out and I wanna go back to making my own conditioner.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hairstyle of the Week

Yes, ya grl wears glasses. Lol. I used to dislike how glasses looked on me and pretty much only wear my contacts but I am starting to like this pair on me. I've had these frames for years and am just now appreciating them. Glad I didn't give em away!

With my jam packed schedule and uber busy weeks, I've taken to styling my hair into styles that last up to two weeks and require no manipulation or maintanence besides fluffing it some in the morning. They are protective styles that don't sacrafice "preserving the sexy". I, affectionately, call these types of styles "get up n go hair". It's fab.  I've taken a liking to 2 strand flat twists and have been doing them like crazy.

I rocked this style all this week. I have 2 strand flat twists on both sides of my head. The rest of my hair is in medium to large twists that I then pinned up. I got the inspiration for this from a style that YouTuber, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol created and did a tutorial on.

These 1-2 weeks hairstyles are working for me because by the time I'm sick and tired of a style, it's time to take it down, wash my hair and start all over again. It's become a fun game for me to devise what hairstyle I can create to wear for the next upcoming week or two. This method is working for ya girl! I plan to alternate this method with wigs and buns also. Hair should be fun. :D

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love My Hair: Sesame Street

It's been all over the natural hair blogosphere and it's finally reaching mine. Lol. I heard this song a while back but am just now getting around to posting on it. I am just elated to hear this song. I like that Sesame Street created this song to show our little, kinky kurly textured princesses just how fun, versatile and beautiful our hair is. And like this little singer, I too love my hair!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Essence Hot Hair Special Issue

I'm so late on this but it's pretty darn good. The issue is packed with a plethora of inspiration and dope styles. There is something for everyone: relaxed, afro textured and everything in between. They talk blow outs, straightening, locking, twisting, weaves, wigs; you get the jist. There was also a great piece in there about picking hair styles that flatter your face shape. I think Essence did a great job of including a wide range of hair textures and styles. I've already seen some styles that I want to put my spin on. I hope that they do more of these.

Did any of your read and/or buy the issue? What do you think about it?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eco-Chic: Natra Care Natural Ultra Pads

I paid Whole Foods a visit, on a lunch break, recently when I stumbled upon this buy in the health and beauty section. You all that have followed me for a while now know that I'm enthusiastic about living an eco-chic lifestyle as much as I can. Since using the Diva Cup (click on it to be taken to my review), I no longer use tampons or commercial pads but on the last day of my cycle, I don't always want to use the cup so it's nice to use these eco friendly pads by Natra Care.

Landfills are polluted with tons of our personal, feminine care products that are made up of plastics and other synthetic materials that do not break down easily. You know that stuff ends up in bodies of water, right? Water, that while is does go through a rigorous purification process, is water we drink every day, right? Disgusting, right? I'm just keeping it real with you all. Lol. Natra Care's feminine products are made with natural materials, over 90% biodegradeable (and compostable under appropriate conditions) and are free of plastic, chlorine and perfume. Even all the packaging is biodegradeable and/or recycleable.


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