Thursday, May 28, 2015

AGrlCanMAC's Podcast Episode for Fine Natural Hair

This post is a supplement to AGrlCanMAC's very first podcast and both are sponsored by my e-Book, Fine Natural Hair Don't Care: Tips to help natural hair with fine strands and medium to low density thrive. You can learn more about the book and purchase it HERE or there is also a link to the book on the side bar.

The time is here! AGrlCanMAC's very first podcast! And it is dedicated to the ladies with fine natural hair of medium to low density. I'm super excited to have created this and this definitely won't be the last podcast or on this topic. As this month's cover shared, the podcast talks about summer styling options with consideration for our hair's characteristics. This post will supplement the episode with visuals of some of the things that I was talking about on it. Please have a listen below and check out the supporting images and give me some feedback if you feel moved to. You can also find the episode on Podomatic at

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ditch Your Lotion for Natural Body Oils

ig herapatraghanaian xx
Ghanaian beauty Herapatra has beautiful glowing skin!

I haven't used lotion in years. *clutches pearls* A black woman that doesn't use lotion? Yep and I don't miss it and I'm not ashy either. Not only have these oils improved the quality of my skin over the years but they are also great for minor protection against the sun's rays and free radicals. They are not a substitute for sunscreen or sun block but hey, every little bit helps. The oils I'm sharing today, I've used alone or mixed together (with essential oils) for luxurious blends. Rather alone or blended, these oils give me soft and supple skin and they are better for the body than most conventional lotions that may be loaded with artificial fillers and potentially harmful preservatives. We often forget that our skin is an organ too and it's the largest organ on our body and anything we put on it gets absorbed into our blood stream (the Patch birth control is a perfect example of something topical going into the blood stream).  So when we know better, let's do better. Give oils a try and you just may want to tell your lotions good bye.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Music That Can Mac // Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend kicks off the unofficial start of the summer season. It's also a three day weekend and I'm always thankful for a long weekend! It's only suitable that we pop off this wonderful occasion with some great music. Below is a culmination of my good music picks for your weekend and whenever else. Wishing you all a safe and fun holiday weekend filled with sun, fun, a cookout or two and gratitude for the men and women who lost their lives in service of this country.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Luxe Organic Face Oils for Glowing Skin

That's my skin! No foundation. Just brows done, mascara
and a smile.

Sometimes we're led to believe that the more expensive or "fancy" a skin care product is that it must be good. Sometimes this can be true, but in most of my experiences, not always. Quality is not always synonymous with that "luxury" face cream that filled with 98% fluff and 2% of special "organic" ingredients highlighted. Mother Nature truly has all the answers and she normally keeps it simple and gets straight to the point. I'm sharing with you my favorite natural and organic beauty oils for the face that have great skin care benefits without all the fuss and fillers and have the face feeling luxurious for less than La Mer face cream. Switch your traditional face moisturizer out with any of these three decedent and organic oils and your life may just be changed. Most can find these oils at their local Whole Foods or neighborhood health food stores and of course, on a host of various online shops. Let's get into it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Daydreaming about My Dream House

media_10397393.jpg (1024×768)
{Image Source}

First off, TGIF! Secondly and the topic at hand, I can't stop daydreaming and dreaming big. God-the universe just keeps indulging me and continues asking me what else do I want. I feel like the kids in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie who, at one point,  were allowed to go HAM in the candy land/factory and eat everything edible that they could get their crumb snatching little hands on. It really wants to spoil me rotten, I'm convinced of this. Thankfully, I'm a very grateful person so all this spoiling won't go completely to my head. *bats eyelashes and flashes pearly whites*  We all know how expensive real estate is in New York City and that includes Brooklyn now too. One of my big dreams includes me being the proud owner of an all brick or brownstone townhouse with a couple bay windows in the Bed Stuy area of Brooklyn.
Granite countertops with a backsplash in the kitchen! {Image Source} 

Yes, I know that many are selling for over a million. Yes, over a million US dollars. That doesn't concern me. I want one and have made up my mind that I will have one and that's all there is to it. I know how I'm going to decorate it already and have my landscaping ideas to turn the courtyard into a beautiful patio garden with a fire pit for summer evening soirees. Oh yes, it's also going to have a room that will double as my personal library, crafting studio and yoga nook. And I'm thinking of making the very top floor the guests' quarters. It will be on a vibrant yet peaceful, tree lined block (with easy parking!). I plan to gut it and make it what I want including a fly kitchen with good appliances and marble granite counter tops because I love cooking and entertaining, new floors, better windows, etc. I don't care how much it will cost. I will make it happen. I can smell my dream home already: like citrus and vanilla and it's really going to be like an oasis when you step inside. I'm so excited already.

Sparing absolutely no expense, what does your dream home look like? Maybe it's a beach house in Cape Town, a pimped out tree house in the woods of California or a cozy cottage in upstate New York. What does it look like for you?

Milan is a New York City based, creative writer and the founder of AGrlCanMAC. She's a self proclaimed accessories junkie who's passionate about healthy living, adventure, books, crystals, the Law of Attraction and arts & crafts. AGrlCanMAC is a resource for women of color all over the world who want to look good, radiate good and feel good at the same damn time.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Axiology Lipstick, the Answer to Vegan, Natural and Organic Lipstick

Axiology natural, organic and vegan lipstick in color Worth
{Image Source}

15% off discount at Axiology for AGrlCanMAC readers! Keep reading to learn more and get the code!

It brings me great pleasure to share Axiology lipsticks with you. They are natural, organic and vegan. Say what?! The ingredients include different mineral powders (from the earth) for color, organic mango seed butter, organic avocado oil and organic coconut oil to name a few. Founder and CEO, Ericka Rodriguez saw that there was a void in the market for lipsticks with ethical and healthier ingredients and so she became the change she wanted to see and created some. In case you weren't aware, lipstick is one of the most toxic cosmetics in your makeup bag. Many are contaminated with lead and other toxic metals and contain artificial colors and  toxic fillers that, over time with continued and consistent use (like if you wear lipstick daily over the span of your lifetime), can start to affect our health. Do your research on this topic, if you're curious. This is why after a while I greatly decreased my lipstick and daily cosmetic use, in general. I'm so excited that I can wear lipstick more often again.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Popcorn Feminism?

Yours Truly :-) Shot by Kuson Parson

Feminism is more than laying on your back to get where you need to be. You do have the power to be sexual but there's more to that.- Angel of Nkem Life

I love podcasts. I've learned so much from them and gained so much more insight, focus and inspiration from them. Angel, one half of the sister duo blog, Nkem Life; recently guest appeared on The Africanist's podcast station to talk about feminism versus womanism and the concept of popcorn feminism. It was a really good listen. Angel is very well spoken and was able to clearly express and explain her thoughts. She said so many thought provoking things; I agreed with so much of what she said. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

May 2015 Editor's Note: Summertime Fine

Baby, you summatime fine. J. Cole said it best. It is May and summer is on our heels. After the wild winter, we had here in the Northeast, I'm so ready for beach parties, cook outs and picnics in the park. This month's theme is "Summertime Fine" and I'm sharing some of my favorite, natural beauty beats to get us summer ready, footloose and fancy free. Can you dig it? As you'll see on the cover, I also recorded my very first podcast! I was so excited to work on this project and my respect for radio show producers, radio hosts and podcasters has increased. I appreciate your work and all you do to bring great content to your listeners and the world. I may do more of them but it will depend on the response I get from you all. Stay tuned for that and let me know how you liked it or if it was helpful.

Wishing you all a fun and sun filled May.

Milan is a New York City based, creative writer and the founder of AGrlCanMAC. She's a self proclaimed accessories junkie who's passionate about healthy living, adventure, books, crystals, the Law of Attraction and arts & crafts. AGrlCanMAC is a resource for women of color all over the world who want to look good, radiate good and feel good at the same damn time.

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