Friday, December 31, 2010

My WL Hair Challenge Check In

- Ultimate Goal: Waist Length hair when stretched by April 2012

- 1st Sizable Goal: APL by December 2010 CHECK!

- Next Small Sizable Goal up: BSL by July (summer) 2010

I made APL early December. [As you can see, not all of my hair is APL. My hair grows in layers so the back is APL. The front and sides range from chin to shoulder length.] I blew out my hair and lightly flat ironed it; so lightly that it still looked like a blow out. I did some aggressive dusting on my ends because I couldn't remember the last time I dusted or trimmed my hair. Yes, I need to get on a trimming schedule. Every 6 months should suffice with dustings in between when necessary. Anyhow........

I didn't do anything spectacular to achieve it like drink monkey balls sweat or oil my scalp with a magic hair growth potion every night before bed. I simply stuck with my usual regimen (condition and wash every 1-2 weeks and moisturize daily and/or as needed) and kept my hair in protective styles like wigs when I was too lazy to style my hair, various up-do's that kept my ends tucked away and crochet braids. Since the cold weather hit, I can count on one hand how many times I've worn my hair completely out. I'm so serious that the fro just won't be unleashed hard core till the spring time.

Make Up Series Coming Up

{Image from}

I haven't talked make up in a while so I'm going to be busting out some make up looks and tutorials. This first series is going to be with the Flirt! Limited Edition (40 Color) Eye Shadow Set. It's a great palette for a make up wearer of any level. So if you have this set, stay tuned! If you don't have this set stay tuned anyway! You can always find substitutes for the colors I use. I'll be creating and sharingday looks, evening looks, dramatic looks, you name it! with this palette till about February.

Let's gooooo!

Hair Goals for 2011

Some say it's silly to have goals for something as insignificant as your hair, I say "what's it to ya?" - Me

Many of us hair enthusiasts include our hair into our goal planning for the year. Do we want stronger hair? Healthier hair care practices? Longer lengths? Growing out the relaxer?

My hair goals are very simple for 2011. I simply want BSL (bra strap length) hair (when stretched) and to be able to rock a full bun (I can do one now but it's puny.) by the summer time. I think that's it. I've come to terms with my hair's thickness; that I don't have it (lol) so there's no point in chasing after thicker hair. Either you have it or ya don't and it's quite alright either way. I've just reached that "ho-hum" nirvana when it comes to my hair now. I think that I've cracked the "code" on it [my hair]. I enjoy and accept it for what it is, condition, wash, moisturize, and style it in the styles that suit me (and that my current length can accomodate) and keep it movin.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chary Jay's Shrink Grow Learn 3 Month Challenge

Check out Chary Jay's 2nd Shrink Grow Learn 3 Month Challenge. The challenge is meant to inspire, encourage and push you to put in the work and dedication to improve some aspects of your life. I am joining in the Learn catagory. Get all the deets on how to enter and win at She plans to giveaway some awesome prizes to the winners.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Head Wraps Tutorial Galore!

I was over at one of my favorite blogs, Natural Belle:, when I came across a vid she shared by Destiny Godley: (I will be checking out and subbing to her channel.) that showed how to do numerous head wrap styles. I was totally inspired and knew I had to try them all and share it with you guys. I'm going to try all of these and bet that they will be getting worn to work! (I work in the fashion industry so it wouldn't be inappropriate for me to.) Enjoy.

Also check out Natural Belle's awesome, June Ambrose inspired, turban tutorial and visit her blog: if you haven't already. You won't leave it feeling uninspired that's for sure.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In Review: Darcys Botanicals Peach Kernel Hydrating Milk

I "borrowed" the In Review term from my girl, KinkyKurlyQueen over at Naturally Obsessed: . Check out her space if you don't know about her. She's great!

Anywho, onto the topic at hand..... I'm still in the Nati (flight got cancelled due to the blizzard on Sunday that ravaged NYC and the east coast so I'm "stranded" here till Thursday. At least I'm stranded where the fam is. I can't imagine being stranded at an airport like many are. Yikes!) and recently purchased this product from E&D Beauty Supply (the Springdale location over by Tri-County Mall). I normally go out of my way to not give the Koreans my money but I don't know of any black owned BSS here and the owners are nice Koreans: they don't follow you around the store, they practice excellent customer service and have fairly decent product knowledge. So far, I'm diggin the light, peach scent and the creamy consistency. My final verdict will come in a few weeks and then I will have it battle against, my beloved, Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk in a full out Battle of the Hair Milks.

{Psssst! CLICK HERE for the first Battle of the Conditioners I facilitated. More battles to come!}


This pic makes me miss my fro something serious! Can't wait for the spring so I can unleash my fro again. I've decided to not really have it out in these cold months. I've banished  it to protective styles: retro up-dos and 2 strand flat twisted up-dos have been my weapons of choice as of late. I'm falling really hard for 2SFTU's though because I can keep them in for at least 2 weeks, my hair looks good everyday, they don't take long to create like braids or mini twists and I can just get up and go; no fuss or muss. I'm excited that I reached APL earlier this month so I'm revved up to get BSL by the summer sometime. I actually like up-dos and my hair flourishes with protective hairstyles so it works for me.

PS (I bought a new product: Darcys Botanicals Peach Kernel Curls (?) Milk. I'm trying it out and once I've used it some more, I'll be back to review it.)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays kurlies!

I hope that you all are enjoying the season and getting ready to put a close to 2010 and welcome in the new year. I'm excited to see what 2011 has in store for me. I'm sensing it will be a good year. 2008-2010 has been, what I feel was, the set up for what's to come in 2011 and beyond. It's about darn time for some things to start coming together! Talk to you all soon. :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Current Hair Thoughts

This pic is so dope, I made it my background on my computer. It's called AphroWoman: Attributes by an artist named CHD:WCK! Click Here to learn more about this work of art and the artist. I saw it on, great place for kurlspiration and style inspiration by the way, and dug around for the deets on this piece.

Anyhoo, I'm going out of town tomorrow for the Holidays (hip hip, HOORAY!) and don't really feel like putting much creative energy into my hair. I want to be able to enjoy my family and not be deliberating over how I want to style my hair b/c the options are limitless and stump me at times. I need simple and focused. I'm thinking:

A 2-strand, flat twisted up-do......


Just rocking a donut bun the whole time I'm there

Both are cute but I think that flat twisted up-do is gonna win. It is the least maintenance out of the two and I won't have to put it up, take it down and re-moisturize daily. Sounds good to me. I'll share what I come up with. And I still owe my length check pics. I made APL you all! I'm just too lazy right now to edit the pics. At least I'm keeping it real with you all. Hahaha. I'll do it over the Holidays since I'll be vegging around. I have some product reviews to put up as well. Stay tuned!

Mid-Week Kurlspiration

Almost Christmas time! Also, if you are a last minute Holiday shopper, like myself, check out EXUDE magazine . We, the editors, shared our holiday picks in our last minute holiday shopping guide. Of course, I contributed the beauty portion and all my selections were $40 or less. So go check us out! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chicoro Talks Moisturizing and Sealing

***Originally posted 11-25-09***

Many of you in the natural cyber world know of "Grow It!" author, Chicoro and how knowledgable she is when it comes to natural hair. (She's got the healthy hair to show for it)

She graciously took some time out of her busy schedule to share with the AGrlCanMac community her take on moisturizing and sealing afro textured hair, especially for these cold winter months that have arrived.

Check it:

A. The goal of the method is to keep hair moisturized as much as possible between washes. The method I use is based on evaporation rates of moisture or moisture loss on the hair. Every product we put on our heads, for sealing allows for some type of evaporation of moisture on and sometimes in our hair strands. Pure alcohol, which I don't recommend putting in our hair, evaporates the fastest, for example. Somethings like shea butter or petroleum jelly are more occlusive. They seal the hair but moisture still can escape, but at a much slower rate. So,they are good sealants because they can slow down the evaporation of moisture on the hair strand.

1) What I suggest is that you start with clean, conditioned wet hair. First you use a water based product or leave-in. If you don't add anything else, this will most likely dry and take the moisture out of the strand by the end of the week,
especially if you don't wet your hair for a week or so.

2) The next step is to then seal in that water based moisture, from the washing and from the leave-in, on and in the hair strand. I usullly like to leave an oil based product on my hair for step number two. I might use a walnut oil/aloe vera gel mix. Olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil work as well. It really is a personal preference.

3) The last and third step is to use an emulsified product to lock in the water. Remember, the water is sealed over by the oil. I like the big no- no which is petroleum jelly. It works for me so I use it. An emulsified base is simply a product that has ingredients of oil and water that have been combined by adding some kind of binder (or-holder- together ingredient) to make something more creamy or solid. Some butters like shea are already solid. But creamy leave-ins and pomades are a form of emulsified products.

You can do a water/aloe/oil mix and count this one mixture as layers #1 (water based) and #2 (oil based). Then, just put your heavy emulsified or more solid or more creamy product on top of this mixture on your hair.

If you comb your hair everyday, I do not recommend this method. When I use this method, I usually wear a baggie, and don't touch my hair to comb it out until the next wash day. I do wet down the hair on the endes with a mixture I make that is water based, on a daily basis.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My New Cold Weather Hair Gameplan

That pic is hilarious, right? Sometimes I really feel like that though. Anyway, onto the topic at hand.....

My hair is getting long. Things I did last year aren't really what I'm interested in going for this winter so I've been trying different things to see what was going to work this winter. (The name of the game with kinky kurly hair is to just keep trying things till you find what works for you. Don't give up!) I tried to re-visit mini twists again and they were a fail again. I tried low buns but they were a fail also because they were rubbing up against my wool blend coat collar and my neck warmer so it was drying and roughing up the bun so I've resorted to up-do's that are worn high up on my head to avoid the latter and I quite fancy this.

I've taken to washing and blowing out my hair once a week or every 2 weeks. My hair's longest layers are APL so my styling options have increased. I've been mainly rocking 1940's and 50's style up-do's (pics soon come). I like them a lot and feel that they really suit me. With my hair blown out, it tangles less, if at all, and retains more moisture. This is working excellently for me.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black Owned Beauty Boutiques in NYC

All my New "Yawk" kurlies, below are some black owned beauty boutiques that sell some of my favorite natural hair goodies.

Ecodermis and Wolfberry carries tons of black own hair care products like Jane Carter Solution, Hairveda, Kinky Curly, Bee Mine Products and Darcy's Botanicals. This is just to name a few. They also carry Aubrey Organics products and some Indian hair care products like Dabur Amla Hair Oil.

Ecodermis & Wolfberry
310 Malcolm X Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11233

Another boutique that is black owned and sells many black owned hair and body care products is GeorgiaNY. I talked about them a few months ago when I attend the event they hosted: We Only Blog with the Best. They also have a salon within the boutique.

Georgia NY
 89A East Houston St (between Elizabeth and Bowery)
New York, NY 10012

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Battle of the Conditioners: Aubrey Organics vs. Yes to Cucumbers

Both of these conditioners rock my world.  A week or so back, I didn't have enough of my Yes to Cucumbers conditioner to condition my whole head and had to condition the other side with, recently purchased, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. It was the perfect set up to have the two battle it out. I applied what was left of Yes to Cucumbers to the left side of my hair and the AO Honeysuckle Rose to the right side of my hair.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Music That Can Mac: Fool's Paradise

I am currently caught up in the melodic sounds of the EP, Fool's Paradise, by my boy, Brandon*. He is so wonderfully talented. I love his use of the harps on many of the songs b/c I love harps. When I was a kid, I really wanted to learn how to play. I love how they sound magical and almost other worldly like. Maybe, I still will make it my business to learn eventually. Hmm.... *Adds to bucket list* Do check him out and support his talent! Click here to check out and purchase the EP.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Solange SPOOF: C.R.E.A.M.Y

Happy Friday Kurlies. I saw this over at Curly Nikki last night and had to share it with those that may have not seen it. I abso-friggin-lutely luv it. How creative. The creator behind the movie is YouTuber, Chary Jay from 160DaysToLoseTo. I just subscribed and her channel rocks. Check her out when you get a chance. Enjoy and Happy Friday. Woo Hoo!

Note: I hope my blog doesn't attract those that are militant or aren't of the light heart. This video's intent is not set on bashing people who perm their hair. She's simply trying to shed some encouragement that just because you have some crappy hair days or hell- weeks, and trust- we've all had em (myself included), a perm isn't the last resort. So many get to this point, only to regret it later and then have to start over growing out the relaxer. If you wanna stay natural, push through it and step away from the creamy! Lol. Stay encouraged.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Owned Beauty Supplies Aren't Just a Figment of the Imagination

Brenda Carter, proud owner of Symmetry Beauty Supply Boutique in Lakehurst, New Jersey; wants to let you all know that black owned beauty supply stores do, in fact, exist. I couldn't be more excited. Symmetry is the ONLY black owned beauty supply in all of central and southern New Jersey. Wow. The shop is 6 months young and has been receiving a very positive response in the community. Their product offerings include but are not limited to: Mixed Chicks, Miss Jessies, Jane Carter Solution, Hair Rules, Carol's Daughter and much more. There are testers for many of the products sold, so that you can try before you buy. How many beauty supply stores do you know that do this? My thoughts exactly. Another cool point: they host various beauty workshops and seminars. They hosted one for natural hair last month. If you are in the area, stop by. I plan to visit in the near future. For questions, email Brenda at

Symmetry Beauty Supply Boutique
9 Union Ave
Lakehurst, New Jersey 08733
Facebook: Symmetry Beauty Supply Boutique


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