Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Respect the Kink NYC Natural Hair Meet Up

I'm in. I'm almost always down for a natural hair shin dig. Who's going?!

More details about the event at http://www.ilovemyfro.com/

Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Listen to Men

Originally posted 3-27-09

Don't you just luv when a guy tells you, "you don't need all that make up and stuff" or "I like natural beauty better"? I laugh heartily when I hear any man say this (and then I ask for their description of what "natural beauty" looks like. They usually go on to describe some celebrity like Christina Milian, Janet Jackson, Gabrielle Union, etc.. Nuff said.). One, if they seriously think I'm getting all dolled up solely for them, then they're egos just took a hit. Ok, some of it is for them (a whole 1%) but the vast majority of it (99%) is for MOI. I enjoy all things beauty (, fitness,) and style which I feel keeps me looking and feeling my best.

Men say all that crap but the first woman that they drool over is the one that takes great care of herself: make up done right (I'm not talking about caked on or looking like a clown), pretty hair, a body that they like, exudes confidence, etc.... Men don't know what they want b/c the minute you listen to that and start wearing sweats, not doing your hair, and letting your eyebrows grow outta shape, that's the woman that they say they wouldn't holla at because of how she carries herself, etc. LOL.

I would like to venture and say that what they really mean is that they don't want a woman that looks "superficial" or loses her self esteem when it's time to wipe off all the glitz n such, can't "live" w/o it, etc.. I can live without cosmetics but would I want to? Haaaaaails to the naw. Sorry. Ya girl enjoys it way too much. An anti make up lady I am not and any man that will be with me will know this b/c chances are when he met me, I had some on. LOL.

I don't know about you but make up, to me, is a way to ENHANCE one's beauty; adorn ones face not make you look like who done it and why. What's wrong with enhancing what ya mamma gave ya in a tasteful and classy way? And what's wrong with feeling beautiful? Tell me a woman that doesn't like to feel beautiful and I'll shake some sense into her. I'm not saying that your make up, clothes, etc. should DEFINE everything that you are as a person but let's be honest, it's FUN. We can't control what life will throw us but we have control over how we present ourselves to the world (before they sit down and talk to us). And let's face it, when you look good, you really do feel good. We're WOMEN for crying out loud. It's in our genetic make up. Even those that it's not their everyday forte, on those special occasions that they dress up they still want to look and feel slammin.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

So You Wanna be a Model?

Model and actress, Andrea Bordeaux

Check out this article over at Indochine's Top Shelf on fellow kurlie, model and actress, Andrea Bordeaux. In the article, she gives a pretty detailed run down on the modeling business and how her understanding of it is seating her in the driver's seat of her modeling and acting destiny. So if you are interested in the world of modeling, check out the article HERE to get more insight on it from her perspective.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Whatchalookin@ by J*Davey

Guess who was at the J*Davey New Designer Drug tour concert that kicked off here in Brooklyn? If you guessed me then you're right! Yes, this past Tuesday night I was at Southpaw to be in the present at their performance (and can I tell you, us kurlies were in the BUILDING! I luv Brooklyn, man. We go hard out here.). I've luv'd this band for years but this was my first time seeing them perform and it def won't be my last! The show was beyond awesome and left me so inspired. So in remembrance of their recent visit here, I present you a new song off their upcoming album:


Note. This was footage from one of their performances on their New World Culture tour back in March/April, not the one I just attended.

Have a great weekend kurls! :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to Pre-Treating my Hair with my Homemade Aloe Vera Custard

2.5 years in this natural hair game and I'm still playing around with certain aspects of my hair care routine. It's a journey, kurlies, I'm telling you! But a fun one, in my opinion.

I'm back to pre-poo'ing my hair with my aloe vera gel and grapeseed oil mix. It has awesome slip, so it's great for detangling, and leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth. I don't really remember why I stopped using it for a spell but I'm back to using it and it still refuses to disappoint.

I don't measure the ingredients precisely. I just eye ball it like I do most of my concoctions. I shared this recipe with you all a while back but I'll share it again especially for those new to my blog that probably didn't go back that far (I have a lot of posts. I've had this blog for 3 years now!) back to see it.

* Aloe vera gel - not the food grade kind. I use the 99% one by Lily of the Desert or the 98% one by J/A/S/O/N

* Grapeseed oil - you can use whatever oil you like or have on hand. My hair has an affinity to grapeseed oil so that's what I like to use.

* (Optional) Honey - just a quick squirt. It gives my hair a shot of moisture and adds a pretty sheen to my hair.

The concoction is mainly aloe vera gel. I keep stirring in the grapeseed oil till a smooth and creamy consistency is achieved. That's it. Super simple and easy to make and it doesn't spoil fast if you buy a commercial brand aloe vera gel.

I should think of a catchy name for this mix. Hmm... AVGoil? AVGO? Aloe Vera Custard? I like the sound of custard. It does have a custardy, creamy consistency when I've completed mixing it. I think I shall call this mix my Aloe Vera Custard. It's official. :D

Any old hair care practices, mixes, or products you all have found your way back to?

PS (Still luvin my Denman D31 detangling brush.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My New Method to Squeezing Fitness into My Active Lifestyle


Image from http://afflictedyard.com/
 Like most women, I struggle with keeping fitness a constant in my life. I'm great for 6 months, slack off for 6 months and the cycle repeats and keeps going. I'm trying, yet again, to make fitness my boo for the long haul and not my jump off. Lol. I think I'm onto something and came up with a plan that suits my current lifestyle.

Quick snap shot of my current life:

  • Single
  • No kids
  • Get home from work late; our office closes at 6 so I don't get home from work till about 7p or so
  • Very active and involved lifestyle; I'm not home very much 
  • Doesn't like to get up super early to exercise
  • Doesn't like to exercise too late in the evening
  • Doesn't like (to work out at) gyms
Where does one find a way to work fitness in with a rap sheet like this, right? I'll show you how: I work out for 10-15 mins a day during the week (and at least 20-30 mins on the weekends). It's better than nothing and you'd be surprised what you can accomplish in that short amount of time daily.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Accessories That Can Mac: Jute Tote by Drika B

drikab watercress jute basic tote
Watercress Jute Basic Tote by Drika B

Ummmmm yeah, this Drika B bag is hot! And can you believe it's only $72!? I thought it would cost so much more than this. Affordable hotness kurlies, jump on it! I luv the design and I'm such a sucker for tote bags. I WILL  be making a purchase in the near future. Check her etsy shop: http://www.drikab.etsy.com/ to see more of her designs.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Science of Black Hair

I saw AfricanExport's vid giving a review on this book and knew I had to do a post about it. I knew nothing about it till I saw her vid. I looked it up on Amazon just now and it's fairly new; was just released back in April. How cool is this, a textbook dedicated to our hair. I'm excited already. Based on AE's review, it seems like it could be a very informative read and something worth adding to your natural hair care library. I plan to add it to mine.

The reviews on Amazon look good too. Mane & Chic did an extensive review on the book:

Can I be frank with you? I don't take hair advice from very many people. I really have to trust the person I'm taking advice from and the person really has to know what they are talking about. One of the people that I trust implicitly when it comes to high texture hair know-how is Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. I have learned so much from her articles, so I was so excited to get her new book entitled The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Break My Heart - Estelle ft Rick Ross

Hey kurlies. I didn't put up the Friday jam yesterday. This week was bananas in a good way but bananas none the less and ya girl spent her Friday chillaxin and brainstorming ways to drive my latest arts and crafts workshops business. So I'm sharing the song today instead. I'm a big Estelle fan and luv this song, Break My Heart, and I don't know if you all know but I luv me some Rick Ross too! Lol. Can't wait for her new album to drop.

I'm excited because, I have a fun event coming up tonight that I can't wait to share pics with you guys. Hope you're having a great weekend. I'm off to figure out what I'm wearing!

Stay naturally fly

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Books That Can Mac: Four Corners of the Sky

The Four Corners of the Sky: A Novel

I read a lot of books. More like I devour books. One plus about NYC living and our sometimes long commutes to work is that we have time to read while either on the train and/or bus. (I'm reading a book right now that I'm not too sure I'll do a review on when I finish but we'll see.)

I wanted to share this book, Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone with you all because it's very entertaining. I got it for free on a Friday when it was the free NookBook of the week. It's about Lt. Annie P. Goode, a high ranked pilot in the Navy who's one of the best and fastest pilots around (only second to her estranged soon-to-be ex husband), ends up helping her con artist father carry out one of the biggest heists ever. It's action packed and held my attention from the very beginning as you follow her life, learn more about her charming, smart and con of a father and piece together the heist. Malone was really good at slowly feeding you bit by bit, in riddles almost, of the plot to keep your attention.

It got lack luster reviews on Amazon and got criticized for its inaccuracy on certain aspects of Naval pilots but who cares, it's fiction is what I say. If the fact that it's not 100% factual to Naval pilots isn't an issue to you, then read on. :D Click the picture below for purchasing info if your local library doesn't cover it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Preserve Your Styles

One of my fav Youtubers, xGoldn, did a video recently on how she preserves her out styles like braid outs, twist outs, coil outs, etc. I like her method and have decided to employ it for preserving my styles. It works very good. I try not to reset my hair every night b/c I don't want to manipulate it too much so this helps so I that I can reset every other night or every 2 nights instead. Every little bit helps. Give this a try if you're having a hard time preserving your sets.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Review: Kiss my Face Upper Management Styling Gel

I still haven't tried making my own hair gel just yet b/c the shelf life is very short for a homemade product like this (if preservatives aren't used and ). I still may in the future but with my hair decisions changing at the drop of a hat, I need a product that lasts a little longer if I don't use it all up in a timely fashion.

So I decided to go commercial and just try to find a gel that had mainly natural ingredients. I liked the Aubrey Organics B5 Design Gel that I had tried when I first went natural but hated the way it smelled. The scent was nauseating so I had to give it up shortly after purchasing it. I've heard some naturals talk of the Kiss my Face Upper Management Styling Gel. I like that it says it gives a medium hold. So let's see what we get. A review coming soon.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Just Got Paid - Johnny Kemp

What it do Kurlies?! Happy Friday and it's pay day! Holla if it's pay day over your way too! Woo hoo! This jam is so fitting for the situation. Have a great weekend. :D

{Video from Johnny Kemp Vevo}

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reader Question

Reader, Erica, writes:

I was wondering now that you seem to be using your own homemade mud hair wash; what types of other products do you use? I'm interested in the Terressentials hair wash as well as  making my own mud wash; but I hear a lot about with Terressentials  you can only use completely 100 % natural products. With your own mud hair wash do you feel you have to watch what other products you use more carefully? Does your mud wash become not as effective if use a other product(s) with to many chemicals? I know everyone's hair and experiences are different, but I was just wondering if you could share your experience with this.

A) You can see what products I use under the "My Regimen" tab at the top of the page. You will see that I mainly use products that are homemade with natural ingredients or mass produced with mainly natural ingredients. I don't use a lot of product on my hair because it gets weighed down easily if I'm not mindful and what I do use are mostly natural ingredient products that don't provide a significant amount of build up. To answer the second part of your question, I'm not sure entirely b/c I don't use heavy products or that have a lot of synthetic ingredients. I would say, if you use products that are heavier, try using the mud wash and see what happens. It never hurts to try and it's how you'll learn best. While my experiences couldn't help answer your question to the full extent, I do hope this was helpful and inspires you to give it a try. Maybe if you try it, you can come back and share your observations. :D

Stay naturally fly!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Change in My Hair Goals

This image is stunning, right? This is my dream hair shape and length.

Remember how I said I wanted waist length hair, when stretched, ultimately? Now I'm not so sure that I want that much hair anymore. I started thinking and that's a lot of hair! I think I wanted it so much in the beginning b/c I wanted to prove something; that Black women could grow beautiful and long hair. I now know Black women can grow our hair as long as any other race rather our hair is in its natural state or chemically straightened. So, I feel like it's not my duty to prove this. Lol. I do want to continue to inspire but I feel that I should be able to do that without striving to be the natural hair Rapunzel.

I think I'd be happy maintaining my hair MBL, mid-back length when stretched. That would put me at about shoulder length kurly/koily. I think that's more than enough hair for me. This is my new goal.  

Have your hair goals changed since you first went natural?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hairstyles: High Buns

{Image Source}

I'm sure you've started seeing fly ladies walking around with chic, high buns this spring/summer. I dig the look and it's great for the hot weather up ahead when you won't want any hair near your face or neck.  Check out SimplYounique's video below on how to create one.

Maybe your bun isn't big enough for your liking? Get a little help from a package of kinky, Marley bulk hair. Most use this type of hair for kinky twists but it works great for creating a textured bun that is similar to afro texture hair.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stay on Satin Pocket Bonnet Great for Preserving "Out" Styles

Anytime I walk into a Walmart, Target, etc I always have to breeze through the hair and cosmetic aisles. It doesn't matter what I originally came in there for, before I leave I have to check out those aisles. And my most recent visit to Walmart was no different when I strolled down the hair products aisles and stumbled on this.

My first thoughts, when I saw this was that it reminded me of the Pretty Wrap. My only issue with the Pretty Wrap after a while was that I realized it was too small. This realization's interesting because I have a small head. Lol. It just seemed that it was better for those wearing their hair in straight styles and I don't wear my hair straight. This satin pocket bonnet is better for me because instead of an elastic band around the front, you can tie it and adjust to your comfort level. It's made from satin material and the sack is very roomy; I still have a lot of room left which is great as I'm still growing my hair out. Because it is a sack shape and not a bonnet, it didn't cause my hair to draw up in the back.

It's soft and comfortable to sleep in and when I woke up the next day, all I had to do was shake my hair out, fluff to my liking and my day 2 [two-strand] flat twist out looked just as good as the day before! This is great for preserving your "out" styles like braid outs, twist outs, wash n go's, etc.

Stay on Satin Pocket Bonnet
Colors Available: Assorted
Price: $2.27 at Walmart http://www.walmart.com/
* I've also seen Stay on Satin products at Walgreens

Learn more about Stay on Satin: http://www.stayonsatin.com/

Friday, June 3, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Hey Mr. DJ - Zhane

Happy Friday kurlies! We made it to another weekend.  Because of our 3-day weekend last week, we made it to the weekend even sooner! This song's an oldie but a goodie. Gotta luv Zhane. Remember them? This was the JAM.

Have a great weekend, all. :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's Heat Training Your Hair Mean?


She’s so lucky :’(
{Chime of Hair Crush}

You may or may not be familiar with this term, heat training so I'll break it down for those who are not aware of this term. From my understanding, heat training one's hair means the deliberate use of consistent amounts of heat to "train" your hair texture to loosen and hold a press/flat iron longer; your hair stays straight for longer and you experience less reversion.

It's controversial among some in that natural hair community b/c some feel it promotes that you aren't accepting of your original hair texture. I don't get caught up in all that mess. Particially because I use heat sometimes and don't see anything wrong with it. I'm sure my texture has loosened a bit but nothing to write home about. I still have a lot of kink and at least 50% shrinkage going on.

I think we have to stop getting so caught up in what other people choose to do with their hair. If that makes that person happy, then leave them alone. What's it have to do with your hair? Ya dig?


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