Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Hair is Going Bananas: Rolling with the Punches



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 @blackandkilling #BGKI
Might give up and wear my hair like this 24/7 if I don't get it back on track! {Image Source}

So you saw my recent post about this a couple weeks ago but I feel that I need to vent about it some more.

My hair is goin bananas. It's really changing and I've had to take a step back and make some adjustments. I've been thrown off on how to keep it moisturized, it tangles like crazy now and it's too hot (and humid) to wear it out all the time. My hair regimen is simple but I really want to get it even simpler (like to prep my hair for bed each night, I throw it into 2 french braids).

This need for simplicity may limit my use of my hair wash. I haven't figured out a way to make a large batch of it and preserve it properly so I have to mix it for every wash. This may not sound bad, but it really sucks when I'm traveling which I've been doin a lot of lately. Other places aren't always mixtress friendly. I don't plan to banish my hair wash but I think I need a standby hair cleanser that I like (and I'll just have to do an ACV rinse afterward to get the same affect as the hair wash).

I'm over using gel to slick back my edges. I'd rather find a nice pomade that doesn't give me too uch build up instead.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hairstyles: Retro Braided Up-Do

Braided Updo 1
America's Next Top Natural Model Contest winner, Timolin. Image seen HERE

I'm almost back kurlies. Almost caught back up on things. Anywho, doesn't this hairstyle rock?! Be inspired and have fun with this hair. Look what it can do!

I wanna try this style out. Obviously my hair ins't that long in the front so I'd achieve this look by getting some assistance from some Marley bulk braiding hair.

To all my east coast people, please be safe this weekend! (Hurricane) Irene isn't playing around!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Links That Can Mac

Don't ignore the signs!: 6 Vital Signs that Naturals Often Ignore

Sunshine of Natural Sunshine Network's Shortage of Good Black Men vid. I've never believed that because all I've dated are accomplished Black men in their own rights. Watch the vid, ponder on it, share it with folks, discuss.

Quick tips for the freshmen or any year college beauties that are growing out their perms to rock the natural: College, Coils and You: 5 Tips for Transitioing on Campus

Monday, August 22, 2011

Be Back Soon

So you may have noticed last week my posting was sporadic. I was out of town all last week for my sister's wedding (one down, two of us left!). I had a blast, ended up on some adventures, of course, but am exhausted at the same time. Being the maid of honor is fun but hard work! I'll share some pics of how I wore my hair for the wedding (I had to seriously improvise because I couldn't do what I had planned!) and a hair salon horror story soon. So stay tuned!

It was nice to spend the week with my family. I love them so much and even though we all would have liked to kill each other at various points of finishing up this wedding, we always have fun together. Being in the Midwest for a break always leaves me feeling rested, refreshed and recharged. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled writing soon.

In the meantime, check out LuBellaCoils' latest video from her The Physical Transformation series. Some segments of my Please Stop Comparing Your Hair to Others vid were featured in the video! View it below:

I was so humbled that she reached out to me to use some of my vid to share a message with people. We are all in this together. Make sure you subscribe to her channel if you aren't already. Her channel rox! Be back soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mo Hair, Mo Problems: What Is Going on with My Hair?!

The natural hair vets weren't lying when they said "mo hair, mo problems". The longer my hair gets the more TLC I have to give it. I've been struggling with knots like a mug. It's imparative now more than ever that I keep my hair stretched at all times. I've also been having a problem lately keeping it moisturized and sealed properly. I'm taking notes and trying different combinations. One thing is I've run out of my Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk. I need to re-up on it. My hair really behaves and stays moisturized with that. Yes, I was falling for my Shea Moisture Curl & STyle Milk all over again but now it's acting distant and calling me less. It's like it's good but something is now off and it's not doing as well as it normally does. I'm also noticing that sealing is becoming a very good idea for my hair. I wasn't consistent with this in the past because my hair accumulates build up fast if I'm not careful but I'm seeing, just recenly, that my hair likes it and retains more moisture when I do it. For me, it has to be a light oil my hair will absorb though or it will just leave my hair a dry, greasy mess. Right now I'm experimenting with sweet almond oil. I may try apricot kernel oil too; that's a light one.

Ay mi pelo!

I'm not alarmed or scared or ready to slap on a relaxer or anything. I attribute this to "growing pains". Come December, I will be natural for 3 years. It's seeming like as you pass the  2 years natural threshold, some things change because you now have a lot of hair. I'm moving into that space and as always, I will figure it out. No journey is easy peasy all the time. They are riddled with trials and tribulations and celebrations and achievements but you need all of these to define a journey.

Any of you feeling like I'm feeling? Or you vets, did you feel this way at the 2, 2.5 year natural mark?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Hair: Conair Detangling Comb Making a Comeback in my Hair Tools Arsenal

Conair Style & Detangle Comb around $3 at Walmart
 Lately my Magic Star Rake Comb hasn't been getting the detangling job done. I'm not quite sure when it and my hair fell out of sync but as my hair gets longer, it's not as effective I'm feeling like. So I've gone back to an old favorite, this Conair detangling combed pictured. It's funny how I'm finding myself going back to many of the things I used when I first went natural (and my hair was much shorter). Guess, if it wasn't broken, I shouldn't have tried to fix it. Well, ya live and ya learn in life and hair!

So I've been using the Conair detangling comb again and we've picked up right where we left off; like I didn't desert it 2 years ago. I really don't know why I stopped using it outside of probably wanting to trying something I thought was better. Now I use the MSRC to comb through my hair during the week instead (I'm a kurlie that has to comb my hair between washes. I don't comb it every day but I can't go more than a few days without combing it out or my hair tangles like nobody's business). For me, I've observed that the MSRC works best on my hair when it's dry but I've moisturized it with a hair lotion (and sealed with a light oil) first before combing it. It doesn't work as effectively when my hair is wet or damp now.

It's interesting to watch my hair continue to evolve the longer it gets. It's definitely gone through some changes and tangles way more easily now, a post coming up on my hair changes sometime this week. It's bananas so I just keep listening to my hair and making changes accordingly.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hairstyle Files: Easy Retro-Funky Up-Do

Check out this cute, up-do Mstoot7 created and shared. She said it didn't take her more than 10 minutes to create. You can complete a formal or casual look with this hairstyle; it all depends on how you style and accessorize your look. Give it a try! I will be in the near future. Of course, for me more than likely, I will accessorize to give this a chic and funky look. :D

Friday, August 12, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Brandon's remix of Supersonic Technologic

Happy Friday kurlies! We made it to yet another weekend. My boy, Brandon*, remix of Daft Punk's Supersonic Technologic is sure to help you bring in your weekend the right way and get you out of your seat and jamming. Have a great weekend. :D

Video from eyelovebrandon

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art that Can Mac: The Pairabirds by Tabitha Bianca Brown

Yearbook Ellie print from Aint she dope?

Check out more awesome prints like this from artist, Tabitha Bianca Brown's, Etsy shop: thepairabirds. The prices are supper reasonable and I plan to buy a print next month to show my support. I want to snag this Ellie one first. They are dope!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Image Source

This pic is all kinds of dopeness. Gonna have to try that hairstyle.

Be inspired.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going to Try Harder to Buy American

We, Americans (should be) are aware that our economy is still very shaky and part of that is because we import everything. We no longer "buy American" and are at the mercy of other countries for almost all of our goods, natural resources, etc; we are not a self suffient country anymore. Scary, right? It's bananas. Practically everything is made in China and they are so rich off of it. I think one of the ways we can help heal our economic wounds is to start buying American again and keeping more of our dollars in our country by encouraging and supporting more American made goods. With keeping things in our country comes increased costs though but I've decided to start just budgeting for it b/c I'm starting to feel some type of way about this and I was taught to be the change I want to see.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mixtress Chronicles: New Batch of Aloe Vera Custard

I made a new batch recently and tweeked it some. I like this mix better than the previous one and may stick with this one. Coconut oil is great for pre-treating your hair before washing because it helps prevent your hair from absorbing too much water, which is known as hydral fatigue. So I like it better than the other oils I used in my previous mix. It also leaves my hair feeling softer and fluffier.

I also now keep my custard in the fridge to keep the mix fresher and from separating. I bought two big bottles of the Trader Joes brand aloe vera gel but I'm still partial to my J/A/S/O/N brand aloe vera gel. So once I use up what AVG I have now, I will go back to that one.

Happy Mixing

Friday, August 5, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Lunar.Sun.Light by Def Gray

Lunar.Sun.Light. Cover Art

Happy Friday kurlies! This song, Lunar.Sun.Light, has been on constant replay on my iPod. I know about Def Sound (a feature of him will be coming soon!) and enjoy his work but I was new to Nikko Gray; she's got a great sound. They both have their own respective sounds and music but when they collaborate together, they become Def Gray. This song's got such a chill out vibe and composition to it. If you like what you hear, download it for a buck HERE or from the link the below.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar Leave-In

I got a sample of the Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar Leave-In in my goodie bag from The Coil Review cocktail party. I've used it quite a few times now and am ready to tell you what I really think about it and how it works with my hair. I'm going to start prefacing reviews, when I do them, by giving a recap on my hair texture. It may get annoying to my usual readers who are familiar with what kind of hair I have but we have to be considerate of any newcomers or those passing by that may become usuals. Ya feel me? So....

- My Andre Walker hair type is 4a
- My LOIS hair classification is: Fine strands, Spongey, Medium density, High sheen, Softy and Frizzy/Fuzzy
- My hair texture overall can be described as: kinky and coily. The very sides and the front are looser like wavy/loose curls. It's annoying (I wish they were all the same kinky, coily texture!) but that's another post...

I feel the need to share this so you can get a clear view of why or why not my hair might like certain products and maybe it will help you figure out if it would work for yours.

The first time I used this, I really liked it. Had my hair even softer than usual. The consistency is light and creamy, has a great scent and it was easy to evenly distribute the product. As I continued using it though, I started not to like it as much. With this summer humidity this leave in causes my hair to shrink up at a higher rate. I don't like this because when my hair shrinks up, like most kinky kurlies, it has a tendency to tangle on itself. I don't experience this as much with the Kinky Curly Knot Today. So I know I said in my initial review that I liked it more than the KCKT but after more uses, I don't plan to stray from my KCKT.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brazilian Waxing: I'm Ready to Take the Plunge

Image from

Kurlies, I think I'm ready to try this. I have never gotten a brazilian wax done before. I think I have a pretty good threshold for pain so I'm revving myself up.

I didn't know where to start as far as where to go. I knew that I wanted to support a black owned business if I could and I remembered that Karen's Body Beautiful has a spa now and they offer this service. So, I'm going to schedule an appointment with her spa in the near future. I've met Karen several times and she's fab, makes great products and genuinely takes pride the products and services that she provides so I want to patronize her business.

When I call to schedule this, I have a few questions about this whole procedure:

* How often do I need to get the waxing done?
* What type of wax is used? I've heard some people use chocolate waxes, etc...
* What type of care do I have to take before and after the procedure?

I've been doing some research on my own as well. I think I'll be ok but fear I will get hooked to these! I'm interested to experience this and will share my reactions and observations about it. I'll also write up a review on the spa and the customer service.

Brooklyn belles, what other spas do good Brazilians for an affordable price?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beats, Rhythmes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest Documentary Review

I'm not a movie critic so by no means is this review going to be super analytical or disecting the cinematic content and components. This is just my, Milan's, point of view on this documentary and what I took away from it.

I really liked it. Me and my girl, Yaa, went to go see it the weekend after it came to NY and we both really enjoyed it. The theater was PACKED with people of all races and colors. I've always liked A Tribe Called Quest because they just seemed so unique to me and they had great sound. I also liked that their messages weren't just "conscious" but that they also spread a lot of positivity and inspiration of bettering one's self.  Of course they had their fun songs like one of my favorites, Benita Applebum, but even that song was dope because it's Q-Tip is trying to holla at this girl (w/ an "apple bum" aka a big butt. Lol) but he's so charasmatic and respectful about it in the song. He starts the song with "Hey Benita, nice to meet you." Ya know? Not some "Hey b*t@h your azz is phat, lemme hit that" ya feel me?


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