Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kurly Inspiration: Leaf

I luv this girl's style, sound, voice, and hair of course. This is how much hair ya girl wants eventually. Give me time.... The fro is growing.

You remember her from BET's "Welcome to Dream Land" where she was not only a talented contestant but she WON! Hold it down for us kurlies, girl!

Aside from her gorgeous hair, this chica's got major talent and I dig her originality.

I can't wait for an album or something!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Did A Curly Fro

My flat twist out rocked the first 3 days, then I morphed it into a fro hawk on day 4, and that night I decided to try Dr. Lisa Akbari's "Curly Fro" hairstyle.

Here's the vid, where I learned to do this:

So easy, right?

I used 9 sections on my hair and applied a little bit of Kalawentz All in One (review coming soon) to each section before twisting and rolling, especially on the ends. I then put on my satin scarf and satin bonnet over and hit the hay.

The next morning, I took them down and fluffed till I received my desired look. That's it.

Give it a try and tell me "what cha thaaaaaannnnk uh!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Check Out my Fro Hawk

This is the very first time I'm trying this style.

My flat twist out is 4 days old and was getting a lil frizzy in the front, so I figured why not pin the sides up for a fro hawk.

I did it the super duper easy way: lightly brushed and pinned up the sides. I didn't put anything on my hair b/c I didn't feel like it but if I did I could have used some (aloe vera) gel mixed with a lil olicoco oil or a moisturizing cream. On the left side, I only used one bobby pin. On the right side, I used my flower hair clip.

More pics can be seen in my fotki

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flat Twist Out Maintenance

There are different ways to maintain this style but I will share with you how I've been maintaining mine. I maintain them the same way I maintain my braid outs.

At night, I simply put on a satin bonnet and go to sleep.

The next day, I take off the bonnet, fluff my hair, and that's it.

Right after I've taken the bonnet off:

After I've fluffed:

This style will last me a week till I wash my hair again (which is once a week).

Sometimes I re-twist my hair, sometimes I don't. After day 3, it starts to get fuzzy so usually that night, I'll re-twist. You can re-twist more frequently if that works better for you. Curly Chronicles re-twists her hair every night. I try to not re-twist a lot between washes b/c I try not to manipulate/handle my hair too much.

If at any time my hair starts to feel dry, right now, I would rub a lil Kalawentz Jojoba Oil together in my hands and gently apply it to my hair focusing on the ends. I really want to use a daily moisturizing cream or butter though. I just recently bought Afroveda Cocolatte Moisture Mask and Kalawentz All in One. Both are daily moisturizers that I can't wait to try them out and review! You'll want to be careful with this b/c handling your hair too much will create frizz. You won't want to use water as your hair will shrink back up to it's natural curl pattern.

Usually, the last couple days of the style I will start rockin a head band with it or put it in a puff.

Fashion Shows: Last Days of Summer

These ladies KILLED it. Enjoy.

For sweet n petite ladies

Kimmaytube presents....

For thick and fabulous ladies

KinkyStrands presents....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Upcoming Giveaway!

I received an email from "Christina" today:

i love ur blog, and was wondering if your next give away could be the Kalawentz Jojoba Oil that u use-

I was feelin that idea, so this will be the next giveaway!

Details will be coming soon! Stay tuned.

I did a review about this product a while back so check it out if you haven't already. I luv this stuff. Kalawentz products are all natural and most importantly, work. I will be highlighting them soon and doing another product review on the latest product I bought from them while I was in Cincinnati.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flat Twist Out

Did my first flat twist out today. I conditioned and washed my hair last night and then put my hair into about 10 flat twists. I twisted with my shea frosting on each section and tied my hair down with a satin scarf.

I took them down this morning (they were completely dry) and fluffed till I got my desired appearance. So easy and looks alright for my first time flat twisting. I still need a lot of practice though.

So flat twist outs have been added to my style arsenal. They come in second after braid outs!

****8-25-09 EDIT: Here's the vid that I watched to learn how to flat twist

Luv Curly Chronicles vids. Her channel among other I listed is in the Kurly Girl Directory. Just go the Kurly Directory label to see all the info my Kurly Directory has.

Next to try: the Curly Fro (technique)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Accessories

If you all haven't noticed yet, I luv luv luv earrings and accessories. I'm always eager to find new styles, brands, etc. So here are some cyber shops I'm diggin and will be doing business with in the near future!

Hangin Pretty

I learned about this spot from MuffinIsMyLovers on YouTube. Def check her channel out if you love make up and wigs. She's hilarious and keeps it real all day every day. Gotta luv true New "Yawkers"!

I'm so diggin the Sugar Collection. I want the ones in yellow for sure. The Royalty Collection is haute haute haute! Check out the website and you will agree! These earrings are uber affordable. I believe most are under $10. Luv it. So go check them out.

Also check out Zurique

This shop carries tons of beautiful, hand crafted accessories as well: natural hair accessories, hair adornments for loc'd hair, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

I just luv this cuff bracelet!

So check these places out. They both offer affordable, stylish, quality, and hand crafted pieces.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Accessorize with Nappy Rutz

I stumbled across this dope fotki page and not only saw how beautiful her, Cherie's, hair is but what beautiful, handcrafted earrings made of materials like leather, suede and wood. She also creates nappy inspired tops and tanks.

Her website, Nappy, is in the works right now and will be up and running soon! For more updates on Nappy Rutz just frequent her fotki album.

Now let's get to the good stuff: her awesome work!

Did that wet your appetite? I know it did. Again check out the fotki to see what all she has to offer. Support this woman b/c her work is beautiful and she is one of US! Customer service is EXTRAORDINARY; it was a joy doing business with you, Cherie!

I placed an order and when I get my things, I'll be sure to showcase them on here. You know how I luv my accessories.

Stay beautiful.

Who Is Ouidad?

For those of you who don't know who Ouidad is, she is one of the Curly Gurus. She has salons that cater to us curlies and kurlies in New York City and Santa Monica (CA).

She also has written a book with great hair care tips. Don't be turned away by the blonde haired, blue eyed woman on the cover. LOL. I have yet to get my hands on this book, but when I do, I will def do a review.

You can purchase it here:

Stay Kurly!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

And the Winner Is.......!

A name wasn't left so email me at with your address so I can send it out!

Thanks to all that entered. More giveaways to come!

Interested in purchasing this book?

Get it here:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aziza Beauty Supply

Natural Hair and Skin Care Products You know I'm mainly a mixtress but for those of you that aren't check out this great online natural hair beauty supply store, Aziza Beauty Supply. Click on the banner to be directed to their site.

The link will always be posted to the side so feel free to stop by whenever.

They carry great products like Jane Carter Solutions, Boundless Tresses, Hydrathema, etc.

I saw some Amla oil on there that picqued my interest too. =o) I luv oils!

Giveaway Ends Tonight @ Midnight!!!!!

"Grow It!" by Chicoro Giveaway ends at 12 Midnight! Any entries received after 12:00, will NOT count. Winner will be randomly selected and announced tomorrow!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Washing My Hair Using Less Water

Early last month, I was trying to not wash my hair in the shower anymore b/c I felt that I was wasting too much water doing so. I'm on my eco-conscious ish, ya know.

I decided I was going to start washing my hair in the (kitchen) sink. I went out and bout a lil hose attachment thingy and was ret to go......

This method was just not workin for ya girl. I tried it 2 times (2 weeks; I wash once a week) and it takes me longer than if I was in the shower and from my observations, I'm using the same amount of water! I was getting water everywhere, in my ear, across the kitchen area....Everywhere but on my dag on hair it seemed like.

Maybe practice makes perfect but I lost all interest in practicing this anymore.

That's what I get for stepping out on what works best for me, right? I cheated on the shower and I got played. LOL. With that being said, I went back to the shower "tail between my legs".

I figured out a way to reduce my water usage. I observed that I waste water detangling in the shower. So I got the idea to detangle my hair BEFORE I washed it. Eureka! Now I understand everyone may not be able to do this but this realization has been a GEM for me.

My next post will give details on how I do it.

Let me tell you, doing it this way, I wasn't in the shower for more than 15 mins. There is hope!

This technique is a keeper.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"The Bluest Eye": Bold Eyes for the Day

I got a request from a reader for an eye make up look that would pop out even with your glasses on.

So I came up with this bold, yet simple look that pops glasses or no glasses and is totally wearable for the day:

You can check out the tutorial to see what colors I used here

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mini Haul

Haven't done a haul in a while. And even this one is such a mini haul but oh well. Let's gooooo!

MAC TINTED MOISTURIZERS ARE BACK!!!!!! I'm so glad too b/c I luved the other one that they discontinued. That was my JOINT. Well they brought them back and I was all over it.

I bought the darkest shade they have: Deep Dark. Let me just say I've fallen in luv all over again. It goes on so light, it has a sheer coverage but I feel it does even out my complexion and keep me a lil less shiny. Luv that last part a whole lot. I'm diggin it. So if you're not a foundation girl, try this. It's light-you'll forget you're even wearing it and it's spf 15 so it even helps protect you from the sun a bit.


Priia Essential Cover Mineral Foundation

I got samples in these 2 colors to determine which one was the right shade for me. I determined that Ginger, the one on the left, is my color. It blended right in with my skin. The other color, Copper Bronze (the one on the right), was too dark for me and too red. I have golden/yellow undertones so you should be to see that Ginger has more yellow in it.

These samples were $2 each! There's enough product in each color to last about 5 days of applications. You can get samples of the mineral shadows and other products as well.

And my ladies of color, Priia has colors to match us all. I mean, they really carry a wide variety of colors. There were tons of other colors lighter and darker than the samples I got. I luv that you can purchase a sample to determine which shade is right for you. That way you're not wasting a lot of money or product that may not work for you.

Shipping was fast and the customer service was excellent.

This foundation is the shizz let me teeeeeeelll YOU! It goes on feather light and just makes your complexion look like the bizness. I'm in luv. This one blows all the other mineral foundations I've ever tried outta the water. Give it a try. For $2, you realy don't have much to lose and everything to gain.

I'm waiting on my Hydra Prime sample (which was $1.50!). This is a face primer and is great for us oily skin ladies. So I can't wait for it to come so I can try it out and review it!

Priia rocks. I did a review on their lip glosses a while ago. Click here to read the review.

So that's it for my mini haul. *Says in my most dreamy voice*: I wish I could do more make up hauls.......

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Braid Out

Can you believe up until now, that I hadn't done one on my hair?

Why did I wait so long!

Ok so here's the scoop on what I did:

Sunday night...

* Moistened hair with water (use a spray bottle to do so)
* Divided my hair into 10 sections, applied coconut oil to each section and then loosely braided it
* Put on a plastic cap and left on for 10-15 mins
* Took down and detangled one braid at a time with my fingers first, then went back with my detangling comb and rebraided once detangled
* Hopped in the shower and cleansed my hair (it's still in the 10 loose braids) with my castile soap mix and rinsed

* Took a braid down, split it in half, applied a lil of my homemade leave in and braid. So for each braid I would take down, I would end up with 2 braids so I went from the original 10 braids to 20 braids for the braid out
* Tied scarf around my head and let air dry overnight

Monday morning...

* Took braids down and fluffed till desired look was achieved

-NOTE: I had my hair in 10 sections b/c it's not long enough for me to do less. I can do 8 but my crown area is so much shorter, it's easier for me to do 10 sections at this point. If your hair is longer, you can do less sections than I did

For more pics, check out my fotki.

It sounds like a lot but it really wasn't. I hope I explained it in a way that's understandable, if not, let me know. Now let's see if I can get this puppy to last me a week! Stay tuned....

Monday, August 3, 2009

MAC Pigment Samples

Make up lovers, I'm all late. I just found a site where you can get MAC pigment samples for cheap!

You can get 5 gram jars for under $2 each! Why o why didn't I know about this place sooner?!

Check it out @ The Body Needs.

So any of you that want to try any of the pigments out, this is the perfect way without emptying your wallet.

Which pigments are on my list:

Copper Sparkle
Copper Beam
Golden Lemon

"Sooo lovely, wouldn't you agree?"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

AGCM "Luh" the Transitioners

So, lately, a lot of transitioning ladies have been reaching out to me and I luv it! The more the merrier!

I'm so thankful for all the resources out there or I may have never went natural let alone transitioned successfully. So many ladies inspired and helped me out through sharing their transitioning journeys and regimens, advice and suggestions.

One of the main things, a lot of transitioners face (and I did too) is what to do with your hair! Your marvelous natural hair is growing in and now you've gotta babysit 2 hair textures. It can get frustrating figuring out how to style it before you BC.

Below are pics I took during my transition. All of these styles were low maintenance and really easy to do. I hope that they will help any of you ladies on your journey to natural. How to: click on the pics to move on to the next pic. If you scroll to the upper right hand side of the pic, you'll see an arror/side ways triange. Click on that and it will give more details on the hairstyle.


If I can be of any help, hit me up. You know how to get at me. ;o) Also, check out my other posts dedicated to transitioning. They are under the label "Hair Care: Transitioning".

Stay naturally fly!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's In Store

I luv and enjoy this blog sooooo much and I enjoy talking hair, make up, style, beauty, etc with you all.

I have more in store for this place:

* More make up looks/tutorials-I'm working on a really fun one that will be up soon and a reader inspired another one (!) to come in the near future

* Lots more shout outs to black owned businesses: fashion, style, hair care (have to have natural ingredients tho), etc. Let's keep the money in our community!

* More giveaways

* A party this December! (more details on this later! I'm so excited!)

So stay tuned and I thank you all for following, your commnents, questions, and support. Let's keep this party going!


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