Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to Apply Brow Powder

Using Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

Helpful Hint: You don't have to use a powder labeled as a "brow powder" to apply to your brows. If you have/find an eyeshadow color that matches better, you can use that. :o)

Power in the Flower

I found Just Liv's shop on Etsy. She makes awesome fabric flower headbands (and other pretty hair accessories). What's even more fly about these headbands is that the flowers are made of fabric. I luv it and can see myself rockin these this summer. Most of them seem to be going for around $20 to $25.

If you're a crafty sucker like me, you're going to try to make your own today out of old t-shirts. The scoop on this will be posted up on my creative blog, Styln N Profyln some time this evening or tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MAC Style Warriors Collection

(How fresh that the one model on the pic is a fly, kurly girl. I might have to recreate that look she's rockin. It's dope.)

I'm diggin the MAC Style Warriors collection due to come out next month(Scheduled to be released 5-28-09). I got the skinny on this collection over at Specktra. I'm diggin the promotional pics and marketing for this collection.

I want all those eye shadows! Look at that awesome yellow color. I need to finish my application for a MAC Pro Card like NOW.

Lustre Drops

Still trying to figure out what these are for. Highlighting maybe? If any of you know, let a sista in on it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty Tagged

I've been tagged by one of my girls, Nicole, over at Natural Endless Beauty so here goes!

What is your current obsession? In the order of the intesity of obsession: Hair, Fashion/creating my own stuff, Make up

What is your weirdest obsession? I'm obsessed with having perfect handwriting.

What are you wearing today? Black cami, embellished (by yours truly) jeans, grey fitted knit jacket, and some supa fly earrings.

What’s for dinner today? Turkey burgers stuffed with feta cheese and spinach and for a side dish: baked beans. Yummers.

What would make today special? I've been home visiting fam since Easter so since I've arrived, everyday spent with them has been special. :o)

Whats your favourite dessert? Cheesecake.

What will you be rocking a lot of this spring/summer? Dresses, dresses, and more dresses of various styles, colors, patterns, and lengths.

What are you listening to right now? J*Davey; their sound is uber splashy.

What is your favourite weather? I like tropical weather. It does the skin and hair well!

What is your most challenging goal right now? Finding another job in this crazy economy. Also, gathering up the nerves to get out there and start my own make up artistry business now while I have the extra time to devote to it.

What do you think about the person who tagged you? Nicole is coo and homegirl has major skillz! I luv watching her vids and am always excited to see what kind of look she will create next. I've learned some great make up application techniques from her.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? This is a tough question! Hmm.... I think I could become a Floridian. LOL. So somewhere in Florida or maybe Costa Rica, I hear it's gorgeous there.

What would you like to have in your hands right now? A million bucks. That'd be enough to pay off my school loan, credit card bills and my car, start up my own business, buy a house, donate some and invest with.

What would you like to get rid of? Hate. But since that's a long stretch, I'd like to get rid of annoying exes. Move on with your life already; I have!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? I would so hit up Tokyo.

Which language do you want to learn? I want to learn so many. I am pretty adept in Spanish so I think next on my list would be French or Italian.

What do you look for in a friend? Real, trustworthy/loyal, positive, has the same values as me, lives for having fun, enjoys art, likes to go out. Added bonus: make up, hair, and style junkie like myself!

Who do you want to meet in person? Willie from Day 26. I have a serious, schoolgirl style crush on him (yeah yeah, I know he's married but a girl can daydream). LOL.

What’s your favourite type of music? R&B hands down.

What is your favourite piece of clothing you own? I have a favorite pair of jeans. They fit and accentuate my figure just right and make my legs look extra long.

What is your dream job? Becoming my own boss and creating my own work schedule in the make up artistry, hair, skin care and style arena

If you had £100 now what would you spend it on? Make up and earrings

Favourite designer? Do I have to choose just one? It's a tie between Korto Momolu and Kara Saun; both former Project Runway contestants

Fashion pet peeve? I have many, trust. But the one that really irks the crap outta me these days is leggings that aren't worn with a top long enough to cover your back side. Leggings are to highlight just that; your legs NOT anything above them! People wearing them with tops above their behinds are abusing their right to wear them, are under arrest by the fashion police, and have the right to remain silent. LMAO.

Do you admire anyone’s style? I admire many soo many people's styles. I like classic and chic styles like Michelle Obama and Dorothy Dandridges's but on the other side of the spectrum, I also draw inspiration from uber original and funky styles like Kesh and Tokyo street fashion.

Describe your personal style? Original. I don't try to dress like Beyonce, Rihanna, or anyone else. I just do me; drawing inspiration from many different things, cultures, etc. I like to describe it best as "sofysticated phunk". It has a lot of sophisticated and classic elements to it as well as a phunky-chic feel to it.

My favourite makeup brand? At this time, I do not have one.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be "when you grew up"? It changed many times. LOL. Astronomer, marine biologist, fashion designer were the strongest 3 that I remember.

Okay, here's the rules:
1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog,
2. Replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
3. Tag eight other people.



* Amina from Coup de Coeur
* Z and Fizz from Leave in the Kinks
* Todra from Make Up Theory Workshops
* Laquita

Sunday, April 26, 2009

MAC Technakohl Liner Eye-Liner Kajal

This is a really short review. I really, really like this liner. If you want a liner that stays put, lasts all day, and doesn't smudge up as the day goes on, you may be interested in trying out this liner.

I bought mine in Graphblack. There are a variety of other colors available. I believe they cost $14.50. Don't quote me on that though. LOL. So if this has peaked your interest, give em a try.

That's it. Told you this was going to be a short n sweet review.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hair Gels

I found some hair gels that I like but I'm warning you now that they are not Eco-Chic nor do they contain many "natural" ingredients. I know I said I wanted the African Formula (natural) Styling Gel and I still do but I don't think it's available in stores and it's about $10 for a 4oz jar. All those factors plus no job = using something less Eco-Chic for a while till a new job is in the pic. Ya dig?

Ok, onto the stuff.

So I have 2 gels that I like:

Long Aid Activator Gel

I have the kind for extra dry hair. I like this gel because it's actually very moisturizing but don't worry, it doesn't leave my hair looking like I have a jheri curl. LOL. Some of the ingredients include panthenol, aloe vera gel, and glycerin. It doesn't give me enough hold though so I like to use it underneath Eco-Styler styling gel.

This gel gives me the hold I want but can make my hair crunchy when used alone so I like to use it with the Long Aid Activator Gel or another moisturizing product (like aloe vera gel or leave-in conditioner) underneath it.

I'm sure I will not use these gels forever. So these work for now but b/c they are not Eco-chic and don't have the "safest" ingredients according to the Cosmetic Database, I will continue to look for more natural yet just as effective alternatives. I still have to try the flaxseed gel recipe; it might be that natural alternative for me.

What hair gels do you like?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Snag a Miva Marks Bookmark

I'm excited to be hosting my first giveaway! *blows party horn and does a jig*

So, remember how I was talking about my mother's awesome bookmarks with fly make up and hairstyles? Well she graciously donated these 3 pictured for a giveaway on here!

These are one of a kind, handcrafted bookmarks with hand drawn faces.

Here's the rules and guidelines:

* Comment on this post about one of your favorite natural hair care books to enter
* Winners will be picked via random lottery (I will pull names out of a hat)
* Last day to enter is May 8th

********Giveaway Deadline has been extended to May 29th. Get those entries in!!!!**************

Good luck ladies! These bookmarks also make great gifts, conversation pieces, and collectible items.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

I normally use a pencil to fill in my brows but when I saw this in Walgreens yesterday, I decided for $4, let's give it a try. I've always wanted to try out the powders.

So here's how my brow looks filled in with a my usual MAC brow pencil in Spiked:

And here's what it looks like filled in with the brow powder:

I got the kit in color 963 Ash Brown and applied the darkest color on my brows with the angled brush included b/c I couldn't find mine for the life of me (until AFTER the fact of course). Their brush isn't too shabby, actually. Then I just set my brows with aloe vera gel.

Overall, it is coo. I even feel like brow powders give a more natural look to my brows. Wet n Wild is an uber affordable alternative to higher end brand brow kits. So overall, I like it.

What do you ladies like to use for your brows: pencil or powder?

***EDIT 5-1-09****You can see my comparison of brow pencil vs. brow powder and how I apply brow powder here.

Priia About to Pout Natural Lip Gloss

This review is looooong overdue. I won a giveaway last month over at Make Up Theory Workshops last month and the prize was a free Priia natural lip gloss!

I got to choose the color I wanted. They had so many awesome colors, it was hard to choose just one! But in the end, I chose Dragon Fruit.

I really like the color. Just as pigmented as all the other lip glosses out on the market. What I like about the gloss is that it's made from all natural ingredients, it's not sticky and it keeps my lips uber moisturized; it doesn't dry them out one bit.

I swear I have chronicly dry lips. It will be 100 degrees with all the humidity and they are still dry. Usually most lip glosses enhance the problem and dry them out even faster. This lip gloss, for a change, doesn't do that. It actually moisturizes them. Hot ish! So with that right there, I'm sold.

Great color and moisturizing, I'm in heaven!

Kelley, the creator and owner, is mad coo and she provides EXCELLENT customer service. She provides great natural cosmetic alternatives for all my Eco-Chic ladies.

If you have looked at my beauty wishlist on the lower right hand side, you'll notice I have the mineral foundation powder on my list. I've heard great things about them and she offers a wide variety to include all skin tones. (My ladies of color, I've heard from various sources that they don't ashen our faces. So get on it!) You can check out Make Up Theory Workshops' results with the powder here. She looks great!

Priia Cosmetics. Ask about em.

Kelley, I'll be doing business with you very soon. Especially to get more of these lip glosses, they ROCK!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Henna Gloss #2

Ok, I know I said I was going to wait till next month to do another gloss but I didn't. LOL.

I'm still outta town in the Nati. I didn't intend to still be but I'm not working right now, so I figured I'd keep the adventures going and stay a lil while longer with the fam. :o) So b/c I didn't expect to still be outta town so long, I didn't pack most of my hair stuff. So due to this, I had to get some things for my hair (- most weren't products I normally use).

I found a Halal market and purchased some Reshma henna for this gloss.

Here's the recipe I used this time:

* 2 Tbsp Reshma henna (another GREAT brand of henna by the way)
* 1 Tbsp coconut oil
* 1 Tbsp EVOO
* a couple squirts of aloe vera gel
* about 1 Tbsp honey
* enough Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner until a pudding like consistency was achieved

I achieved a much lighter gloss this time around (I did this over Monday night and yesterday morning. My glosses are usually an overnight process.) and I liked this mix.

My first henna experience, I used more henna, more oil/s, aloe vera gel, more everything. So that mix was heavier. As you can see with this one, this mix didn't weigh my hair down as much upon application. Which is coo. I like both recipes.

I actually like this one just a smidge better b/c I used less quantities of everything. Application wasn't messy at all and it was way easier and quicker to rinse all the henna out with this mix. Only one round of co-washing to get it all out. Yessssss.. My hair feels light, fluffy, soft and great again. My strands are feeling smoother than the last time I glossed and I got bomb curl definition again.

I left the mix on for about an hour and a half this time, then rinsed, and DC'd over night with Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner and coconut oil.

I then rinsed, ACV rinsed, and then it was time for leave-ins: a lil Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner, "raked and smoothed" in hair gel with my fingers throughout my whole head and let air dry. Once dry, I did pik it out some for added volume but of course you can't see it in this pic. LOL. It looks so much better in person!

My hair is on the serious grow yall! This chlorella is no friggin joke! I plan to put in another set of mini twists early next week and rock them for another 2 weeks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reading in Style

Everything in life should be done with style and why should reading be done any differently? I present to you a chic way to mark your page in your latest novel:

My mother is a creative beast. I luv her imagination and talent. It's from her that I inherited my luv of anything art and all things fashion, style and imagination.

She makes these awesomely unique bookmarks and many of them have hair many of us highly textured hair ladies rock with pride everyday. Check some of them out.

I luv that she creates them in a wide range of skin tones so everyone can have one they identify with if they like. (They come in 8 different skin tones-not all pictured here.)

If you live in the Cincinnati area, you can find them at Kennedy Heights Art Center or Eula Lifestyle Boutique.

They can also be purchased at her Esty shop (site is undergoing maintenance and bookmarks will be back up by Thursday at the latest. Check back soon!).

Interested in getting them custom made or buying in larger quantities? Contact her on her website at

Stay tuned. 3 of you will have a chance to win one in my first giveaway!

Be Right Back

Having some technical difficulties but I'll be posting loads of stuff later on today or tomorrow.

Upcoming posts:

* Another henna gloss update
* Reading in style
* My very first giveaway!
* Product review/s

Stay tuned!

PS (I was featured on Black Girl With Long Hair's lovely blog. So go check out the site and yours truly!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chlorella Updates

Just wanted to do a brief update. So about a month ago, I started taking Vitamin Shoppe Super Chlorella tablets for overall health, natural detoxing and to boost my hair growth rate.

I simply luv this blue-green algae. Chlorella rocks. My skin glows and is even softer than it already was. I didn't take any before pics since I was in braids when I started taking them but I can tell my hair is growing at a faster rate and that is A-Ok with me. My nails grow super fast now and are so much stronger. They hardly ever break now; it takes a lot of force to break them.

As far as my overall health, I do feel an energy boost and a little more upbeat since using Chlorella. I eat pretty healthy (except over this holiday weekend!) so paired with this, I just feel swell.

I took heed to people's admonitions and SLOWLY introduced it to my body. The first week, I took 1 tablet, 1 gm, daily. The second week, upped the annie to 2 tablets daily and the third week, I took 3 tablets daily. Since then, I continue to take 3 tablets daily. The recommendation is actually 5 gm daily but right now I'm coo with 3 gm daily.

So there it is folks. I'm pretty darn smitten and can say that I will be a chlorella user for life. Chlorella, me luv you long time. :o)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Afro Veda PUR Whipped Gelly Review

So I had been eye balling this product for a minute. I was blabbing on one of the many hairboards I'm a member of, LHCF, about how this was on my wish list. A kind member PM'd me and said she had 2 that she was looking to get rid of for $9 each, shipping included. That's a good deal seeing as how it's like $9 excluding shipping on the site. So I only bought one off of her b/c I didn't know if I would like it or not.

(So if you're a member of any hair boards, make sure you check out those Swap sections/boards! Some ladies have some great stuff to sell at discounted prices.)

I'm liking this product. It smells heavenly; like a strawberry vanilla milkshake. It's like you'll want to eat it.

As from my mini twists post, I used it to twist my hair and really like it for that. It is moisturizing, gave just the right amount of hold without making the twists feel crunchy, wasn't too heavy on my hair, and made my hair smell like a sweet treat. Nice. So it gets an A+ for twisting with. Any looking for a twisting product may want to try this.

It also good for smoothing out and slicking back your hurr. LOL. But I won't use it for that really cuz that's what my aloe vera gel is for. It doesn't give much hold that is usually desired for shingling and finger styling hairstyles. So unless your goal is for minimal hold, you may not want to use it with these styling techniques in mind.

All in all, it's a good product, smells heavenly and the ingredients are all natural.

Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Coconut oil, Glycerin, Avocado oil, Essential oil blend.

My Most Current Regimen

So, I've got a regimen that I'm going by until further notice. I know, more than likely, my regimen will change slightly as my hair continues to reach longer lengths. My staple products are almost finalized. Thank goodness! I'm tired of trying everything under the sun. I never thought I'd hear myself say that I'm tired of buying new stuff every second. Recovering PJ! Yay! Hahaha.

So here's what my regimen is looking like these days:

* Co-wash once a week
* DC and reg wash once a week
* ACV rinse with every wash (co-wash or reg wash)
* Henna gloss once a month
* Air dry with leave-in and castor oil or shingle/finger style w/ a styling aid and air dry
* Moisturize daily or when necessary


I'm luvin my mini twists as an easy protective style as well. I leave them in anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks at a time. In that time, I don't wash my hair. When I have them in, I just moisturize them every morning with my moisturizing mist, re-twist any that may need freshening up during the duration, and tie my hair down before bed with a satin scarf; that's all folks.

And people say natural hair is so much work. LOL. Lataz gataz. ;o)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lazy Lazy......

So, I'm headin out, to visit the fam for Easter, tomorrow morning. Have I done any packing yet? NOPE! I still have so much to do. I have to clean this place too.

I have to pack something for Sunday. "I have nothing to wear." Ugh.... Anything I would think to wear is dirty because yours truly so didn't do laundry like she was supposed to before this very day. LOL. I need to get it together.

I don't enjoy packing like I used to.......

Out of sheer boredom earlier, when I should have been packing, I decided to decorate my bottle I put my moisturizing mist in.

It's such an original piece of work, right? LOL.

Aggggghhhhh, let me go pack and clean up now.

Have a Happy Easter all!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kurly Girl Directory Add Ons

Ok, so it's time to add some more sites to the directory!

1) Check out my girl, Kinky Kurly Queen's, blog Naturally Obsessed

You probably have drooled over her hair on Fotki or You Tube and now you can chill on her blog.

She is doing her thing over there, it's an awesome place, and yours truly had the pleasure of being featured as one of the Glam Curls. So check me and the site out. The other Glam Curls that have been featured have gaw-geous hair too. Definitely drool worthy. LMAO. There's also, of course, hair care; styles; and fashion talk going on, so get on over there!

2) My Natural Hair Care Guide

3) The Coil Review

I caught wind of both of these sites when I was browsing Keep It Kinky the other day. Again awesome places. Loads of informative and entertaining articles and pics for inspiration.

All 3 of these sites are great for those who are and luv natural and looking to learn more about hair health, styles, products, etc. I feel we can never learn enough about our hair. So ladies, scoot scoot!

My Transitioning Ladies or Those That Are On The Fence:

I also feel they are soooo essential for those transitioners that are hungry for information and inspiration or those thinking about going natural but may be scared b/c they don't know where to start or anything about natural hair care. It's so beautiful to have so many resources available to us! Take advantage of them!

To see any of my past Kurly Girl Directory add ons, simply scroll down the right hand side and click on "Kurly Girl Directory" under the Hot Topics section and you'll be directed to all the great places I've dug up so far. I've found a lot of great places and as always, as I find them, I'll keep sharing them.

Take care and stay naturally beautiful! And remember, everyone else is taken; be yourself. :0)

Monday, April 6, 2009

That Natural Swag

I must say, with my natural hair I really feel like a boss. I don't know what it is but my koils n kurls make me feel extra fly. I mean, I already am fly but it just adds to my swag that much more. And I don't mind it!

To say I am diggin my hair is a serious understatement. I luv the versatility our hair has. I can be curly fro'd out one minute and kinky twisted the next, twisted out one day and wash n go the next, a chunky fro and then a blown out fro next..... Oh goodness, all the glorious possibilities!

What about you? Does your natural hair make you feel extra splashy? I KNOW I can't be alone!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Twist and Shout: Mini Twists

A couple days ago, I was drooling over Ebony Princess H's beautiful hair. Then I noticed a few months after her BC, she was rocking mini twists on her hair and they looked haute, haute, HAUTE. I got to thinking, I have that much hair, let's give this try. I didn't think twists could look nice on me now b/c my hair is so short. It never crossed my mind to just make them really small till I was perusing through her albums. I like these so much, I might finish out my Grow Out Challenge with these instead.

I did them yesterday and it took me about 3hrs to complete. I employed the "grab and go" method, meaning no perfect parts, when I did them. I misted each section with some water before twisting and twisted with Afro Veda PUR Whipped Gelly. (I liked twisting with it but I'm going to try aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil next time and compare.)

My goal is to keep them in for a week (and then rock a twist out for a day or two). My ultimate goal is to keep a set in for two weeks at a time and just re-twist areas as needed. I will moisturize them daily with a moisturizing mist I made. I wanted to order honeyquat and silk amino acids to be part of the mist but after reviewing my spending plan for this month, I learned that I only have $7 left of my $20 allocated to hair products this month. I know. It's April 5th. Let's not go there right now.......

So because I will now have to wait next month to buy those 2, I had to come up with something now. Something that all the ingredients were in my home.

So, here's what I came up with:

- Water
- Aloe vera juice
- Honey
- Avocado oil
(Next batch I will use jojoba oil though- it make sense since it's the closest to the natural oil our scalp produces.)

Not too shabby. My next batch will be even better b/c it will have the honeyquat and SAA in it, but for now, this mist works just fine. I'm thinking about adding some lavender essential oil to it to give it a scent though. I think I might just do that.

Viva la mini twists!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I <3 Henna Glosses

I used henna for the very first time and successfully completed my first henna gloss!

I took my braids down last night and here's the run down, step by step, of what I did for the gloss:

1) Pre-poo'd with: aloe vera gel, grape seed oil, and Castor oil for 20 minutes

2) Hopped in the shower and detangled first to remove all shed hairs (since I was in braids for the past 6 weeks, it was a LOT but the pre-poo made detangling breezy, baby). Man, the pre-poo made detangling flawless.

3) Cleansed with my TJ TTT that I mixed with a lil baking soda (1 cup conditioner with 2 tbsp BS). Hair felt squeaky clean without drying it out one bit.

4) Rinsed and soaked up some of the water from my hair with an old t-shirt for a couple minutes so that my hair was damp and not sopping wet.

5) I mixed my henna gloss up and applied right away (don't care about getting any color so it wasn't necessary to wait for color release), WITH PLASTIC GLOVES ON!, from root to tip, in sections, to my whole head. (Applied it like you would a virgin relaxer, basically.)

6) Wrapped my head in plastic saran wrap and then put on a plastic cap over.

7)Then wrapped my du-rag scarf around and then my hair bonnet over top.

8) I glossed overnight b/c it was late and I was tired (1 hr w or w/o heat will reap you the benefits though). So this morning, I woke up and took all 5 million layers off. LOL.

9) Rinsed all the henna out thoroughly. I first rinsed it out with just water. Then like a relaxer, I kept rinsing it out with a cheapie conditioner (Suave Tropical Coconut) till the conditioner looked white. (If still had traces of brown in it, that meant there was still some henna and you need to continue rinsing.) After 5 rinsings with the conditioner, I had it all out.

10) Followed up with AGCM style afro detangler and EVOO as a moisturizing DC and left it on with a plastic cap for about an hour and then rinsed.

11) Used the AGCM SAD as a leave in, sealed with Castor oil and let air dry.

I didn't add anything else to my hair b/c I wanted to see how it came out.

So here's the end result:

About 90% dry (the middle takes forever to dry now!)

My camera is so outdated so you can't see how crazy defined my kurls are.

The rest of the pics are in my fotki

My Consensus....

- Great strengthening and conditioning benefits

- Bomb kurl definition

- My hair is baby doll hair soft, light and fluffy

- My hair feels DIVINE!

- Application can be messy so make sure you have some towels and a t-shirt that you don't care gets mucked up. I'm going to buy a brown towel to use only for my glosses.

- Rinsing it out was very messy! (I have to go clean out my shower. LOL.)

- If you approach this treatment like it's a relaxer when it comes to application and rinsing it out thoroughly (remember rinse with conditioner, a white one preferably, b/c it can be your "color indicator" that you have it all rinsed out), you're good to go

I'm luving henna glosses. They have officially been added to my hair care regimen. I plan to do a henna gloss once a month.

Here's the recipe I ended up using:

* 50g Jamila henna (half of the box)
* 2 heaping TBSP full fat, sour cream (many like yogurt but, I use yogurt for my coconut cream treatment so I like using sour cream for my gloss.)
* 1 TBSP creamed honey
* 4 TBSP aloe vera gel

As my hair gets longer, I'll simply add more sour cream.

*****Make sure you mix your mixture in a PLASTIC bowl, with PLASTIC mixing utensils and apply with PLASTIC gloves (or your hands will be orange for a couple days. LMAO)!*****

Did I peak your interest in getting your "henna on" too?

Anyone interested, please go to Henna For Hair first and do your research. They have a forum to answer any of your questions. Curly Nikki is a moderator there and we all know how fab her hair is. People share their recipes, especially those going for different color effects, and they also have a brochure chock full of everything you need to know about henna. I highly recommend you read it and save to your comp for easy reference. I think that's the main reason, my henna experience went so smoothly.

Well, I'm out. I'm thinking of doing a fro hawk with a hump in the front for tomorrow night. I'm going out and I think that would fit my current mood b/c lately I've been feelin "super bad". My natural hair got me really feelin myself. LMAO.

AGCM Style Afro Detangler

*Singing Patti Labelle's "I'm in luuuuuuuv. Finallyyyyyyy"* So I made my version of Afro Detangler. Here's what I ended up using:

* 1/2 bottle of Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner aka TJ TTT
(the other half I put in another container to use for another batch once this one is used up. So I'm getting double the original amount of conditioner. Saw-eet.)

* 1 TBSP creamed honey
* 1 TBSP aloe vera gel
* Castor oil
* Grape seed oil

I didn't measure the oils but I used more castor oil and EVOO. I only used a lil grape seed oil. I ended up using grape seed oil b/c I couldn't find my avocado oil (after the fact I realized it was hiding in the shower. Doh!).

Once I added everything, I "shake, shake, shaked! Shake, shake,shaked! Shaked *it all up*..." LOL. Then it was all mixed up and ready to use.

I DC'd with it today after I rinsed my henna gloss out. I let it sit for a few minutes while I washed up n such.

It instantly softened my hair like you wouldn't believe. I'm sprung.

I went on to use a lil bit as a leave in, sealed with castor oil and the result was uber soft and moisturized hair. So this will be my staple detangler-DC-Leave in conditioner mix.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Make Up Brushes on the Low Low

Your make up brushes don't have to ravage your pockets.


I've found great brushes that I can use, for my various eye effects especially, like the angled ones for applying liner or brow powder. Small, flat ones to apply concealer. The list goes on. Go to your local craft store and explore the possibilities.

Some of my favorite craft store brushes are my filbert painting brushes that I use as flat shader brushes. When I bought them they totaled $10.

Click pic for a larger view.

Dope, right? I got mine from Michaels in the painting section, naturally. I like the filbert brushes because they are great for really packing the color on your lids.

Make sure after you buy any brushes you clean them thoroughly first before use!

These Braids Are Coming Out


I can't take it anymore. They are driving me crazy and I don't feel like being bothered with waiting till next week to take them down anymore. LOL.

So, henna's going down tomorrow now. Yesssss. Updates to follow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Kitchen-Tician Strikes Again!

This recession is really forcing me to become uber creative to get the things that I need and want.

I really wanted to order the African Formula Styling Gel and the Afro Detangler this week but my pockets are looking at the prices (and the shipping costs) for them, my funds and the budget I laid out and looking at me like, I KNOW you aren't serious. So, what to do? Become a kitchen-tician and make products that give similar or the same results for a lower cost, that's what.

I studied the ingredients of both and brainstormed how I could make something similar. First up was the Afro Detangler. Afro Detangler is basically a conditioner that you can use as a detangler, DC, leave-in or all three. Since I wanted to use it primarily for detangling, my homemade version has to have the bomb slip.

What gives something good slip? I know oils do. So here's what I came up with for an afro detangler, AGCM style:

* Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner
* Avocado oil
* Coconut oil
* Honey (creamed)

All these ingredients, I have in my home right now. Swell, right?

Next up is the African Formula Styling Gel. I liked that this gel was described as having a strong yet flexible hold at the same time. I also liked that it didn't stink (*cough* like B5 Design Gel *cough*). LOL.

So I combed the internet for natural hair gel recipes to get ideas for what ingredients I would want to have in mine. Here's what I came up with:

* Gelatin or flaxseeds (then boiled w/ water to create a gel)
* Aloe vera gel
* Honey

I have all the ingredients for this in my home right now except for the gelatin or flax seeds. Swell again!

I take my braids out next week so let the experimentation begin! I'll update if any of the ingredients changed and what my results are.

I'm also using henna for the very first time next week. I'm going to do a henna gloss so I will share more details on that next week as well.

Lots of updates coming next week! Stay tuned!


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