Friday, July 31, 2009

Chris Rock's "Good Hair" Trailer

I can't wait to see this.

For more info, click here.

MissKrisNew's End of Summer Sale

Sale starts today. I'm getting one of the breezy berets!

Can't wait to see what she has in store for her fall collection.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer Review

So I was in Saks a couple weeks ago with one of my girls and stopped by the Kiehl's counter. I'm on the hunt for a new tinted moisturizer since MAC no longer makes theirs anymore. I was so heartbroken about this too b/c that was my joint right there!

I know Kiehl's works to incorporate lots of natural ingredients in their products and it has an spf of 15 so I got a sample of their tinted moisturizer in Dark. (They come in 3 shades: Light, Medium, and Dark) So on a freshly washed face, I dabbed it on all over my face and worked it in.......

*sings "oh Casper! The friendly ghost!"*

It looks like I have mask on.... This is so not the bizness....

To all my brown skin beauties, this is NOT the one for us.

It felt good on my skin and went on smooth and light, no pun intended. I liked those things about it very much. It just isn't dark enough.

So I DO feel that it is a good product, it's just not a good look for us chocolate sistas.

Kiehl's if you're reading, please add another shade like deep dark or something like that. The chocolate sistas wanna be able to use this product too!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Grow It!" by Chicoro Giveaway!!!

I've shared with you all time and time again, how dope, ill, fresh, fly, hot, fab, coo, etc that this book is.

Click here for the review I did on it.

Chicoro was kind enough to give me another copy for free. Since I already have and covet a copy, I'm giving this one away!

All you have to do to enter is simply leave a comment saying I want in!, include an email address that I can get in touch with you (should you win) and you're entered.

Winner will be drawn randomly on Friday, August 14th and winner will be announced Saturday, August 15th. Good luck!

My Most Current Regimen

As I continue along my journey, my regimen keeps evolving. For the most part, it keeps getting simplified.

So here it is.


* Condition and wash once a week
* Henna gloss every other week
* Air dry 99.9% of the time
* Moisturize daily or as needed

Hairstyles I Rock:

- Twists
- Wash n Gos
- Twist Outs
(- Braid Outs)

This is it. Don't you luv the simplicity of it?

Is yours this simple? What do you do to your hair. I'd luv to know!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EnKoren Shows How To Use a Beauty Blender

If you don't subscribe to him on YouTube then you need to now! His vids are great and so informative. I have learned so much from him.

After watching this vid, I now want one of these so I can try this out for myself.

You can purchase them online at for $19.95. The site also tells you what stores in your state carry them.

What do you think? Any of you have one? Sound off (about it).

A Fly Do for TWAs

Mahogany Curls (luuuuuuuurvvvveee her channel!) shows how to spice up your look for those days you're bored with your TWA. Try it out.

***Please note. Her hair is on the silkier side so my kinky kurlies, use a wider tooth comb than she did. A fine tooth comb like that will rip our hair out!***

I wanna try this now. It's settled. I WILL be trying it and I will do a vid on how I did it and my results. Stay tuned!

Monday, July 27, 2009

SpaRitual Nail Lacquers

I was flipping through the February issue of Organic Beauty magazine and saw an ad for a brand called SpaRitual and saw that they carry vegan nail lacquers: not tested on animals and free of DBP, formaldehyde, and toulene.

Their collections include some really pretty colors and I think I want in on the action!

I'm not a nail polish person, really. I always find a way to mess up the manicure before the day is over but these colors are so pretty, I'm about to start playing with color on my toes. Nail polish stays on them a lot longer.

Some of the Colors from the Dramatic High Notes Collection

Where can you find them?

Beauty Needs
Skin Store
Avenue You Beauty Store

If you know of any other places to purchase them or have used these lacquers before, do share your thoughts!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shampoo Bars

I might be getting on the shampoo bar wagon. Especially when it comes to traveling, they are a much neater option and easier to take on your carry on bag since it's a solid.

Anita Grant Organic Kelp + Ylang Ylang Babassu Shampoo Bar

And now that I wash my hair in the sink, they seem like an easier option than my castile soap mixture which is a liquid and creates a major mess since switching washes to the sink (LOL).

Afro Veda Carrot & Rice Bran Shampoo Bar

I've heard great things about shampoo bars made with all natural ingredients. They lather up well, don't contains any harmful ingredients or preservatives, and cleanse your hair without stripping it. Many users boast that some can double up as detangler as well.

Oyin Handmade Grand Poo Bar-Succulent Solid Shampoo

My only concern, do they cause build up over time?

Last summer I used an ayurvedic shampoo bar and at first I thought it was the shizz till 2 weeks later, my hair felt waxy and like it wasn't getting clean anymore. It became a nightmare and not only did I have to stop using it, I had to clarify a quite a few times after I discontinued use to get my hair back to how it was before I started using the bar. Sheesh!

I'm thinking though, since I do ACV rinses with every wash that I shouldn't have this problem? Guess there's only one way to find out for sure....

Have any of you used these bars before? If so, please share your results!

Hair Updates: My Wash n Go's

So my hair continues to grow, grow, grow! I did a wash n go a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Before then, I hadn't done a wash n go since back in May.

I'm starting to get some hang time people!


Normally, I would use my homemade moisturizing mist to moisturize it daily but I was watching a vid on Miss Jessie's and realized that re-wetting my hair will make it shrink up even more. So I've started to moisturize my hair now with my latest AGCM Style Afro Detangler recipe. I like it.

Completely Dry

But I think I like this mix better for detangling. I want to get the Afro Veda Shea Amla Whipped Butter for daily moisture instead.

It looks to have a whipped cream consistency and CoilsKinksCurls gave it an awesome review saying it smelled great and has her hair uber soft and moisturized.

Mixtress Chronicles: AGCM Style Detangler Re-loaded

I reformulated my homemade detangling conditioner and I luv this version a whoooole lot more.

The ingredients are even simpler than the previous batch:

Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle conditioner
my Shea Frosting

That's it.

I didn't measure anything, sorry. I'm bad about that. I just have gotten into the habit of eye balling things now. I think I used a smidge more conditioner than shea frosting though.

Only other thing I may add is some fragrance like vanilla. Other than that it's fab.

It gave such a smooth and creamy consistency. The creaminess and slip is outta this world. Detangling's a friggin dream with this mix. Even better than my last mix. It's great to DC as well. Leaves my hair feeling smooth, soft, and moisturized. I luv it! I can't say it enough!

This jar of green stuff is my henna gloss I made in bulk so I don't have to keep mixing up a batch everytime. I store my henna gloss in the freezer when I'm not using it. It thaws out just fine. Stir before use and I'm good to go.

I started storing my homemade conditioners in mason jars and I like this. It provides an air tight environment, therefore preserving my mixtures even better.

Next on my list of things to mix up is a conditioner of some sort that has some mayonnaise in it.....

Hype Ella Bag

Luvin this Hype Ella Bag in the worst way! I've been looking for a satchel bag like this for the fall/winter season and here it is! I can envision myself, kurly head and all, traipsing around the Village with this baby on my arm in the crisp fall weather with a sweater dress n boots or something else fly.

I was just doing my daily check of Mane and Chic this morning and she featured it today in her Fashion Fridays post.

I've always liked Hype bags. They're designs r hot and their more affordable than a Dooney, Coach, etc.

This pretty baby comes in 3 diff colors. I want it in this brown pictured.

I'm also diggin this hobo bag and the color as shown here = supa dupa fly:

Hobo bags are always great accessories for the fall and winter. I basically put my whole life in them. LOL. Tissue, crackers, hand lotion, small sewing kit, heck there might even be a small child living in there! LOL. Ok, I'm exaggerating some but you get what I'm trying to say.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eco Tools

I really enjoy these eco-fresh make up brushes. With handles made out of bamboo, they leave a very small carbon footprint on the environment and the soft bristles are synthetic so to all you PETA heads, these are (animal) cruelty free brushes.

They're also very affordable. I paid $6 or $7 for the foundation brush and the results are always mah-velous dahling when I use it. The powder brush is good and the eye shadow brush is so so but there is always room for improvement.

I just luv how they feel. They're soo soft and almost glide over your skin. They don't feel rough and I like that.

I hope they come out with more brushes. I luv that I can beat my face and help out the environment at the same time. And they say you can multi task.... Pish pish.

You can find them at your local drugstores as well as Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2: Are we excited?

I kinda am. LMAO.

They bring the drama and this is one of the few shows that I welcome all the nonsense.

Nene is my GIRL. She has a big mouth and keeps it real but I luv it. Kim is delusional and for whatever reason, won't admit she wears a damn wig (what's the big deal anyway?!). Sharee is one of those women who are over confident for no reason and the Lisa is the entreprenuerial, energizer bunny.

It will be interesting to see what Kandi (former Exscape member) brings to the group drama- I mean dynamic. From the previews, it looks like she and Nene do not get along. Hahaha.

I like this Housewives series the best honestly. I think they are the most interesting and I luv seeing real life successful Blacks on tv. It's not a fictional show.

Sure they act a hot mess, but as we're seeing with all the Housewives' editions, just cuz you're rich doesn't mean you have anymore poise or class than the next one.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kurly Girl Directory Add Ons

Haven't added anything to the directory in a while so here goes:

The Coil Review
The site has been revamped and relaunched and it's the bizness. It was a great site before the revamping but it's the bizness now. Their articles are always entertaining and informative. They've got photos, vids, and tons of other goodies.

What an interesting blog! I luv her style of writing and her hair is fabulous!

The Natural Haven
While this isn't a natural hair site/blog per say, Jc provides vital information us naturals need to take heed. I have given her shout outs before in other posts. As a scientist by day, her blog gives the scientific explanations to hair care and how different products/ingredients effect our hair.

I'm addicted to this place! Information I have received from this site has helped my hair to thrive even more. You make better hair choices when you are in the know of what you are doing and WHY you are doing it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tiny & Toya: Are We Feelin It?

I'm on the fence about this show. I watch it mainly out of intrigue. If Royal Pains came on Tuesday night @ 10 instead, I probably wouldn't watch this.

As of right now, I don't find it that entertaining. It doesn't need drama to be entertaining, well maybe a LIL, but it just doesn't have that, that UMPH. I don't know. It's missing something.

BET hypes the show up as these are empowered women, yadda yadda.... Ehh.. I'll have to watch more episodes before I come to that conclusion... I mean, we all know the reason many are watching the show and I guess for them the depth doesn't matter. I know, it's T.I.'s boo who was also a member of (one of my fav girl groups) Exscape and Lil Wayne's ex wife after all.

Ok, well there is some depth: Tiny's father has Alzheimer's and it's tough on her and her family. And Toya's mother is a drug addict. Ok, ok. There's some but the show is still one level away from being boring still. If you're going to tell a story, tell a story!

That's my opinion for now. There's room for it to change though. What do you think? More BET garbage or something decent?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Wishlist: Korres Vitamin E Face Primer

I've been on the search for a more natural/eco-friendly face primer. I have oily skin and get extra shiny in the warm months. LOL.

My good friend Kinya was raving to me the other day about this face primer she got that helps control some of her shine (= less blotting throughout the day!) and is made of mostly natural ingredients.

I read the ingredients: 99% natural product and was pretty impressed.

You can get it at Sephora. (A l.1 oz tube will run you $28. They have a smaller size available for $10) and if you live in NYC like I do, you can traipse on down to their shop in Soho or in Brooklyn:

110 Wooster St.
Btwn Prince and Spring
Soho, NY

140 Montague St.
Brooklyn, NY

The only thing I'm kinda bummed about is that it doesn't have any spf.

So, I might look for a natural tinted moisturizer that has spf instead. We'll see.
When/if I get it, a review will be forthcoming! Any of you used this primer before? I'd luv to hear your thoughts.

Stay beautiful.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

L'Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Base Review

I've been meaning to do this review for a while but am just getting around to it. My life outside of the blogosphere is getting more active than usual! I'm not complaining of course, I'm just sayin.

Onto the review....

I saw this in the drugstore a while back. It was $8 and I decided to give it a try thinking it might be a cheaper alternative to my Too Faced Shadow Insurance when I didn't feel like paying $17.

So I got it. I had faith in it b/c I've always had great experiences with other L'Oreal products......

I detested this stuff. It did absolutely nothing for me and some others agree. It creased, 3 hrs or less into wearing it, like you wouldn't believe and acted as a horrible base. It didn't keep my eye shadow fresh and vibrant. My eye shadow did not last all day like it does with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance (or Urban Decay Primer Potion).

I wish I had pics but I was too disgusted to take any and after trying it out 2 times, I threw that mess out.

I was really disappointed. I even tried to wear it alone once just to neutralize my lids b/c mine are naturally dark but it just looked weird and cakey on.

The moral, of my story, sometimes you get what you pay for. So when it comes to certain products, it's best not to try to skimp; get the good stuff.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mixtress Chronicles: Latest Whipped Shea Butter Mix

Equals a shea frosting now.

Your mixtress has been at it again.

O.M.G. I have seriously found the holy grail recipe for my whipped shea butter mix. It's fab.U. LOUS! Looka here!

- 16oz unrefined shea butter
- 1 Cup fixed oils: 1/3 Olive oil, 1/3 Coconut oil, 1/3 Sweet almond oil
- 1/3-1/2 Cup Aloe vera gel
- 1-2 Tsp Honey

My skin feels like the isssssshhhhhhhh. My whipped shea butter mixes always make my skin soft but this mix has been the softest by far. I'm luvin it.

This shea frosting also works great on my hair too!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I wish you all a fabulous hair, fun and safe 4th. Enjoy!

Click here for the tutorial if you're interested in how I created this look.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Strap Perfect Review

I despise bra straps that show when I’m wearing certain sleeveless tops that I can’t afford to go without a bra. Unless it’s a strapless dress, I can't stand strapless bras. We all know what that equals, hoisting that thing back into place every 5 seconds. When I’m wearing something as carefree as a ribbed tank, I don’t want to be bothered. And it looks funny underneath anyway.

Strap Perfect to the rescue! I really like them and they’re uber affordable: $10 for 6 (I got mine at Wal-Greens). No more annoying bra straps showing. So if you’re like me and don’t like yours to show, you may like these. They're not bulky or uncomfortable and are easy to put on and take off. I know these have officially made it into my style bible as an under garment must have.

For more info, check out the website

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kalawentz Jojoba Oil Review

This is just a short review on Kalawentz Jojoba Oil.

I really like this stuff. It's light and really does seal the moisture in my hair. Right now all I use it for is smooth it down each (mini) twist before I take them down for a twist out. My hair comes out with incredible shine/sheen.

It's light and comes in a solid form but melts upon contact to your skin/fingers so it's not messy like oils can be. It has the consistency of hair grease so it's way easy to spread.

It also smells really good. It smells like oranges. LOL. Well, I like the way it smells anyway. And we all know that men luv women who's hair smells good. Hahaha.

What I also luv about this product is that it is all natural.

The ingredients: Jojoba oil, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, vitamins A; E; and B-5, hydrolized protein, cystine keratin, and other natural ingredients in a natural base

The last thing that I luv is that it is not expensive: $6 for a 4oz jar (a little goes a long way with this stuff so it will last for a while) made by a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS. Awesome-ness. I make a lot of stuff these days but I've made the decision to work to seek out black owned businesses more in more of the things I buy.

And it's paying off. We make some bomb stuff!

Stay naturally fly!

Firefly Eyes

I've been in a playful mood lately and came up with this look earlier this week. Like it and wanna know what stuff I used? Click here to see the tutorial on my You Tube channel.

Stay beautiful!


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