Monday, November 30, 2009

Kurly Inspiration: Pam Grier

I couldn't leave the legendary Pam Grier off of the list for Kurly Inspiration. You may remember her from her roles in 70's black films like Foxy Brown. How bodacious is this fro!?!

I luv the outfit in this pic too. I would rock this and I just might replicate it in the spring/summer of course. Too cold this number now.

Be inspired.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tam Glam

I spent yesterday in the City (that means Manhattan for all you non New Yorkers) chillin with my family, including strolling around the ever so crowded FAO Schwartz toy store on 5th Ave. It was cold and slightly windy out so it was the perfect day for a stylish tam.

My hair that was in the cap was in braids and I took two braids out in the front and fluffed them to get this look. My head and ears stayed warm while preserving my flyness. I need to get a tam in like every color imaginable. I luv these things.

Forever21 has them for cheap. I saw some the other day for about $4.50 so check them out. These can be found everywhere though: Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc.. Just shop around. I wouldn't pay more than $6 or $7 for a store bought one. That's just me. Only time I would pay more is if it were handcrafted from a brand like Beanie4MePlus for example.

Stay naturally fly

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Hair

So my style is a mix of sophistication and chic funk. Hence why I named my accessories line what I did. =)

It's a 3 day old braid out that I pinned up. It's basically a fro hawk and I just pinned up the back as well. I've seen many ladies cornrow or flat twist the sides and back into this hairstyle. I'm not that advanced in braiding and twisting at the moment (I've been practicing!) so this had to do for me. LOL.

I know you're diggin the earrings too. I made them 10 mins before I was out the door for dinner. These are prototypes for future earrings I plan to sell in my Etsy shop

Hope you enjoyed your Turkey Day, all the great food, your family and didn't get mauled by the Black Friday crazys today!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stretch Your Hair Without Heat

Thru braid outs

The Background Story:

In my hair's natural state, it's in between the TWA and beyond. Back in the spring and early summer, wash n go's were my favorite styles but as the summer burned on, fairy knots started paying me lots of visits and detangling started to become a mutha.

I just have coily hair that likes to coil on itself.

The Revelation:

I realized then that I had to wear hairstyles to stretch my hair to thwart the uninvited pests. I started getting into braid outs and found that if you re-braided your hair every night by the 3rd day, your hair was very stretched, fairy knots were practically a thing of the past and your styling options increased.

Bring It Home:

Just last week, on a 3rd day braid out, I was playing with my hair and combed (I applied moisturizer to my hair when I did this so that I didn't have major breakage) all the waves out. Viola! Heat free, stretched hair! The pic above is how big my fro is, at the moment, when I do this.


- Make sure that you have moisturized (with a hair lotion or cream) or oiled your hair before you attempt to comb the braid out, out. It makes the hair soft and more pliable so that you can comb or (paddle) brush the hair with little to no breakage. Dry hair and combing/brushing can equal a lot of breakage

- This should be obvious but for those who it may not be, comb out the hair IN SECTIONS. Do NOT take all the braids out at once and just run a comb thru all your hair. I can promise you, especially if you have Type 4 hair, it won't be a pretty experience

- It's best to re-braid every night to get the hair to stretch more

- I like to wait till day 2 or 3 before combing it out

- Keep your stretched hair moisturized!: It still has the propensity to get dry. Only moisturize as much necessary but there's nothing worse than a dried out braid out. =( I moisturize my hair every night before re-braiding it

- How many braids you want to do is up to you: I usually do about 8 braids (4 on each side)

Another heat free way to stretch your hair is through banding but I don't care for this method personally. I'm lazy and don't feel like putting all those scrunchies in my hair. LOL. I'm just sayin.....

Oh yeah, HAPPY TURKEY DAY! Enjoy the great food and be thankful for your life, family and friends.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

200+ Followers Giveaway

So what's up for grabs this time?

A Sofysticated Phunk fabric flower clip (pictured below)......

Sofysticated Phunk is yours truly's accessories brand. I've added more items to the shop (and have some additional styles I'll be adding by the end of this week) so check me out and buy something!

What's cool about these clips are that they are not limited to just wearing them in your hair. You can wear them on your clothes or your other accessories like a hat or pocket book (suggestion: use a safety pin to attach to those).

How to enter/guidelines:

- Leave a comment with your name and an email address to contact you (you need to include both of these. If you don't then your entry will be disqualified)
- All entries must be in by next Thursday, December 3rd @ 12Midnight
- You can only enter once
- Winner will be randomly selected and announced Friday, December 4th

Good luck and thanks again for all your luv n support! Follow the site! If you don't already. =) Let's keep loving and celebrating how beautiful our natural hair truly is. =)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ATCM: Versetle1

Uuuuuh how haute is that pic above!!!! It's a scarf (giraffe print) worn over a ribbed tank and then it was belted. How fly was this styling!?! I'm diggin it big time.

Candace of Versetle 1 answered the call for Accessories That Can Mac. She sells quality scarves that you can style into so many chic fashions. I'm still trippin over the fabulous styling of the top pic. How creative. I never thought to rock a scarf like that but watch me WORK it soon!

When I asked Candace about the philosophy of her brand and what kind of woman rocks her wears, she had this to say:

There is UNITY in DIVERSITY. No matter how diverse or different we are, we all have some thing that we love about ourselves, what unifies us is the freedom to express who we are with what we wear & making a statement with how we wear it.

Same goes for our natural hair ;) My target customer is a woman who is unafraid to switch it up with her look, beautiful, strong and doesn't care what anyone else has to say about her look, not cause she's conceited but because she's confident & happy with who she is

I know. That's. RIGHT! Well said!

Check out her Etsy shop at to see everything she's got. This is NOTHING. Go to the shop!
She also has a blog at

So show her some luv and buy something! LOL. J/k but kinda not. Hahaha. Again, they'll make great, original Xmas gifts.

Shoot me an email at to see if your goods will be the next Accessories That Can Mac featured.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I <3 You Rake Comb!

Move over shower comb! You've been replaced!

This weekend, I went to the BSS around the way and came across this comb. It's called a rake comb. I remember seeing this comb before (back in my relaxed days) but never knew what it could possibly be used for with teeth so long. Maybe about a month or two back, I had seen a Longhairdontcare2011 vid where she used this comb to comb all that lovely (stretched: blow dried) kinky koiliness.

So when I saw the comb this past weekend, I said for 99 cents, let's give it a try.

This comb is an awesome detangler!

Especially you kurlies with super long/big hair. This sucka is goooood.

I was truly amazed how it just smoothly glided through my koils. No "fighting" or extra coaxing necessary. I like it better than my shower comb. I officially do. I luv that the teeth are so long. I think that's why it glides through so well.

I'm sold. Best 99cents I ever spent!

So I always gotta share with you all the run down. You all know by now (to those new, you'll learn how I do!): I condition, wash and style my hair in sections; I condition my hair before I wash it and I now detangle my hair AFTER I've conditioned and washed it (detangling's so much easier for me this way).

So let's go:

1) Misted each section w/ my moisturizing mist (water, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil) and conditioned with coconut oil for 30 mins under a plastic cap

2) Cleansed w/ CSM and followed up w/ an ACV rinse

3) Misted each section again with moisturizing mist, applied Shea Moisture Leave In, and combed it thru with the rake comb. Then I sealed each section with my oil cocktail (evoo, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil) before braiding.

4) I ended up with 4 braids on each side to let air dry overnight for a braid out

That's it. As always, stay naturally fly!

Oh yea, on Wednesday the 200+ Followers Giveaway details!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twists n Twist Outs Revelations

On the Twists tip:

I've tried twisting my hair when it's sopping wet, when it's been air dried and stretched, and just recently when it's damp.

And of all 3, I have to say that I like twisting my hair damp best.

Sopping wet can be well really wet n messy. Twisting on dry, stretched hair is nice b/c you get to see more of your length but the set just isn't as defined when you take them down to rock the twist out. In my opinion, twisting on damp hair best sets the hair for the twist out that follows.

I leave my twists in for anywhere from 4-7 days usually (but I recently learned a new technique to wash my hair in them without them unravelling so I plan to try this method and see if I can get a set to last 14 days/2 weeks!).

When it comes to Twist Outs.....

I no longer sleep with the satin bonnet on. Curses! Hear me out. I found that wearing the sleep cap was smushing my curls more than when I slept without one on. As long as I sleep on a satin pillow case, I'm straight.

Then all I do in the morning is simply fluff my hair, give it a lift with a hair pik if necessary, and I'm good to go. I rock my twist outs anywhere from 2-4 days and then the cycle starts over; wash, twist, twist out......

I'm thinking of creating an oil mist though to spray on my hair when I want a lil shine.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Product Review: Shea Moisture Leave In Conditioner

So remember, a couple weeks back, I was supposed to try the JML (Jamaican Mango and Lime) Mango and Shea Butter Lotion on my hair? Well, I chickened out. LOL. I went to another BSS and found the Shea Moisture Leave In and returned the JML MSBL. I'd say it was worth it though because.....

I really like this stuff. It's thicker than my KBB (Karen's Body Beautiful) Hair Milk so it's more moisturzing for these cold months. A little, seriously, goes a long way. It comes in an 8 oz bottle and I paid $6.99 for mine at my local BSS.

You can also use it as a daily moisturizer. I've been wearing a braid out all week and with my braid outs, I moisturize and re-braid every night. It works great and my re-braid outs feel very soft and hydrated. Not a dry strand in this house.

I think I'm bout to play kitician soon though b/c I want to add some evoo and/or castor oil to it. LOL. The product has a thick cream consistency but I think I want it to be a bit creamier. I dunno. I may or may not. If I do, you know you all with be the first ones to know!

All in all, I give 2 thumbs up. Oh and I forgot to mention that it smells yummy! Like bubblegum flavored chocolate if that's possible. Lol.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

200+ Followers Upcoming Giveaway

In my best Frankie voice:


We have approached over 200 followers in the house! Thank you all for reading what ya girl has to say and sharing your thoughts. Let's continue this love affair with hair, beauty and style.

This blog's mission is quite simple: celebrate just how fly our natural, kinky-kurly-koily hair is through sharing information and inspiration.

Our natural goodness/kinks n koils are not a trend, it's just who we be and how we do.

In celebration of this, ya girl says it's GIVEAWAY TIME! Woot! Woot!

All the details on Monday. Stay tuned!

Cosmetic Database

I have used and loved this site for almost 2 years now. It has helped me immensely in learning and understanding what the heck all those ingredients are that are in various products and if they are harmful. I can now make more informed decisions about what I put on my hair, face and body.

Kimmaytube (subscribe to her channel if you haven't already!) gives the low down on the site:

Knowledge is power.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Product Review: Nupur Henna

So I haven’t talked about my henna usage in a while. I still use henna faithfully and still really enjoy it. I was doing glosses, which are lighter henna treatments, bi-weekly with Reshma henna. This month, I fell into doing full henna treatments and I don’t mind it. Sunday night, I did yet another henna treatment. This time, I used a different brand: Nupur henna.

What drew me to Nupur

Now you all may or may not know that I’m a Reshma henna groupie but I started hearing great reviews about Nupur from former Reshma ride or die chicks. I saw it had other conditioning, ayurvedic powders/herbs already added to it including brahmi, neem, and amla to name a few. There are 9 herbs total that are in it. Many Nupur users also boasted that they didn’t have to add many conditioning/moisturizing agents to it like honey, conditioner, etc to thwart dryness. One even said that she just mixed with water and her hair didn’t feel dry. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

How I Mixed Mine

When it comes to henna, I’m always playing around with my mixes and what ingredients I use, add, or take out. No one henna gloss or treatment is exactly the same. It makes it fun. Here’s the mix I used with my first go round with the Nupur:

* 1/2 Cup of Henna
* 2/3 Cup of Water-I mixed these 2 first ingredients together first before next adding:
* 1 Tbsp of Coconut oil
* A quick squirt of Honey

I like this mix b/c it made a nice thick, pudding like consistency which makes application less messy. I had left overs. I simply popped them in the freezer.

The Full Run Down:

1. Condition with Aussie Moist conditioner for 20-30mins
2. Rinse and then wash hair (w my CSM-castile soap mix)
3. Towel dry hair so that it’s damp n not sopping wet
4. Applied henna mixture and left on for 1.5 hrs
5. Rinsed out with just water first and then one application of my CSM
6. Applied Shea Moisture leave in and braided hair for braid out

Results? Thoughts????

Seriously, I’ve cheated on Reshma and got turned out. Nupur is the bomb dot com, people. I’m sold. My hair feels even softer, smoother and fluffier than my Reshma. MY HAIR FEELS INCREDIBLE. It was even easier to rinse out than my Reshma and Reshma rinses out easily. It’s ova. Nupur is bumping Reshma out of its spot in my hair care. Lol.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ATCM: Isis Earrings from AfriqueLaChic

Click here for more details.

Oh me oh my, aren't these babies hot? I luv the bold color of these earrings.

You can check these out among other fabulous styles not limited to just earrings at their Etsy shop: AfriqueLaChic.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Thoughts on BKT: Brazilian Keratin Treatment

So I'm sure many of you have been hearing the buzz on BKT which is short for Brazilian Keratin Treatment. I don't have an interest to try it but when it comes to hair, I like to keep abreast of what's going on. I was reading some threads on LHCF before doing research of my own and learned quite a bit. (I tell ya, out of all the hair forums I'm a member of, I swear LHCF is still the best. They have info on every possible thing one can do to and use on their hair! But back on topic.....)

A brief break down of what it is:

It is said to thicken your strands which in turn will weigh down your hair and give it more shine, softness, smoothness, and reduced frizz. (If you have wavy, texlaxed or relaxed hair, it will make it virtually straight. If you have curly to koily hair, I am safely guessing it would make your hair range from wavy to looser kurls.) The results can last for up to 4 months-so it is not a permanent treatment (, which may make it a better alternative to relaxers). The keratin, which is what most of your hair strands are made up of, in the product involves using a high (about 450 degrees Farenheit) heat flat iron to "fuse" it to your hair strands.

Here's why I'm not into it:

1) Many of them still have formaldehyde as one of the ingredients, be it in small amounts. Formaldehyde is a toxin/carcinogen and has tons of not so good side effects. I really try to go out of my way to avoid products with this (among other ingredients) in it. Out of a rating of 1-10 with 1 being least hazardous, it gets a 10 on Cosmetic Database.

2) While it's not permanent, it's still a caustic chemical process. One member of LHCF said that she has to do it outside b/c if she does it inside, the vapors can make you feel like you have to cough or irritate your eyes some; burning.

3) You have to use, in my opinion, dangerously high amounts of heat in the procedure. I'm just not interested in applying that much heat to my hair. How could you not suffer some (and I'm being generous with that) damage from that? Your kurls won't ever curl back the same but maybe some of you are ok with that. I'm just sayin..

4) I personally think henna does pretty close to the same thing except that it deposits color so this wouldn't work for you if you didn't want color (-there's always cassia which is colorless) and its affects just don't last as long. But it's cheaper, doesn't require use of seriously high amts of heat and is not caustic so I'll stick with that.

But many naturals are into it, stating that it helps to make their kurls more cooperative and keep breakage and fairy knots at bay. It also makes straightening easier if they choose to do so. Mane and Chic uses it and really likes it. Many also like it b/c you don't have to do it with as much frequency as you would with henna to achieve the same results.

My final thoughts are def do your own research on this if you are considering getting it done. I am not a licensed cosmetologist so this is not professional advice, suggestions, etc. This piece is by no means law and is soley comprised of my opinions. Scour resources online and talk to professional hair stylists that are trained to do this procedure and will give you a realistic picture of the process (and aren't just trying to get a sale).

I would sooooo love for The Natural Haven to do a post with her research and thoughts on this. Hint hint if you're reading this Jc!

***EDIT: The Natural Haven did a post, as requested, on BKT!!! Check out Jc's findings and her thoughts on it***

For more info on the Brazilian Keratin Treatment check out some of these sites:
LHCF BKT Support Thread

There are others, do your research. Have any of you done this procedure? If so, do share your results and thoughts. Weigh in!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Arts & Crafts

Was playing around with my photo editing software and created this:

And this:

Hairstyle: 3 day old twist out

I use Microsoft Digital Image 2006 software to edit my photos. It's quite old and I'm sure there are better softwares out there but I just really like this one. We vibe well.

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Adobe Photoshop though. It's just so darn expensive! I'll pay up one day though.....

Coming up next week: Hair product review, Accessories That Can Mac (every Tuesday!) feature, Almost at 200 followers!.... Enjoy your weekend!

Fall Face of the Day

Like this fall look?

Learn to recreate it here from my guest beauty post on Natural Chica.

Thanks for inviting me on Natural Chica, Mae!


It has become a part of my fall/winter care regimen this year. This is the first year I have ever practiced this method but it is doing right by my kinks n koils.

I learned the hard way that baggying overnight is a not a good look for me.

I kept getting the sniffles. Lol. Some are successful at doing it overnight but ya girl isn't one of them.

So now what I do is baggy sometime in the evening; it's usually not too long before bedtime.

* Lightly mist on my moisturizing mist: water, aloe vera juice, and jojoba oil notice I didn't say saturate or wet
* Put plastic cap on head and leave on for about 30 mins and then take plastic cap off
* Then put on my satin sleep cap right before bed

That's all she wrote. I must also add that when I, Milan, do it; my hair is in twists or braids. When I'm rocking a twist out b/c I don't re-twist every night after that, I don't baggy then.

I try to do this about 2-3 times a week. I've felt a difference and with it getting cold, my tresses need all the moisture they can get.

Do you baggy? If so, how do you baggy?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes, I Was In The Wendy Williams Show Audience Yesterday


I got a few messages from some of you like "Did I just see you on the Wendy Show?" Yeah, that was ya girl. It's funny that some of you really recognized me. You guys are good!

Happy Founders' Day!!!

SoRHOrs, this look is inspired by and dedicated to you! It's to show my enthusiasm and pride in being a Sigma aka Rho aka SGRho.

This day marks 87 years that we've stood by our motto "Greater Service, Greater Progress". Let's continue to inspire and service the community and do tha dang thang. Here's to 87 more, baby! Let's GO!


Interested in what Sigmas are about? Check out our national website at for more info and where a local undergrad/grad chapter is near you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Support Black Owned Businesses!!!!

I luv showin my people some luv and so should you!

Beret: Beanie4Me "Breezy" beret $15

Tee: Trendy Teez "Natural Beauty" tee in Mustard $10

Earrings: Target Queen Jewelry "Makeba" earrings $20 Remember to say you saw her stuff here on AGrlCanMac!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ATCM: Target Queen Jewelry

Well, I made the announcement about my newest weekly feature, Accessories That Can Mac and many of you answered the call. So minutes after the post went up, I got an email from Rachel (pictured here), the creator of Target Queen Jewelry.

Her accessories are off. The. HOOK! Everything is handcrafted by her. I bought a pair of the Makeba earrings from her and the shipping and customer service was nothing short of fabulous. FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING! It was a pleasure doing business with you Rachel and I will be doing more! I will post pics of the style I got soon. I can't wait to rock them out.

When I asked her about what her brand's philosophy is, she had this to say:

"I want women to break out of the mold and not be afraid to be different, my designs are for any woman that wants to stand out in the crowd and make a statement, life is too short to be a wallflower..."

Aint THAT the truth. I can dig it all the way.

Assata style $15

Please check out her fabulous wears at Go now! She has tons of great styles for sale and Rachel let me know that if you mention you saw her here on AGrlCanMac, you will get a discount. Sa-weet!

Nola style $25

Don't you wish she was selling these frame styles too? Lol. I know I do!

Interested in having your accessories featured? Shoot me an email at

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Will It Work On My Hair????

After the Naturally Curly meet up yesterday, I got put on to Shea Moisture Leave-In Conditioner. The ingredients looked pretty good and I have been looking for a creamier/thicker leave-in now that it's cooler.

I love my KBB (Karen's Body Beautiful) Hair Milk but it just isn't moisturizing/heavy enough for the cold weather approaching. It's more gel like and I need something creamy.

So I headed to my 2nd choice, neighborhood BSS (my 1st choice one nearby was closed) today in search of it. I couldn't find it. =( Main reason it's 2nd choice. Lol.


I found something else in the 2nd choice BSS that might work: Jamaican Mango & Lime Mango and Shea Butter Lotion.

It's marketed as a body lotion but after looking at the ingredients, I got to thinking that I'm going to try it on my hair! It's smells heavenly (like mangos), natural ingredients and only cost $4.49. Not an expensive loss if it's a nay.

I suppose if it doesn't work, I can always use it how it was intended. Lol. I'll let ya know how it goes!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kurly Inspiration: Zezi Ifore

Hubba hubba.....

Pure hotness. Fierceness. And whatever else-ness. You may remember this Nigerian beauty from when she and Kesh made up the Coconut Twins. They wore crazy fly outfits, dj'd all over the world, and partied like it was 1999. I know she also hosts/hosted a reality tv show in the UK, right? I can't remember the name of it. Help me out if you know it.

My hair aspires to some of this flyness when it grows up.

I'm diggin her style in this pic as well. I luv the colors and how everything was styled together. All that's missing are, you know me, some slammin earrings. ;) I would have taken off that chain necklace though and wrapped it around my wrist a few times to create a bracelet instead and added a chunky bangle bracelet or two to the mix.

Be inspired.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Possible Add On To My Product Arsenal?

Aussie Moist Conditioner

Oh, how I'm diggin thee....

I was in Wal-Mart, in the hair section, the other day and I don't know what compelled me to pick up this bottle especially since I don't really use commercial conditioners anymore. But I did and I remember hearing lots of good things about it. I read the ingredient line up and they didn't sound so bad and they claim the product has some bio-degradable properties: "Biodegradable surfactants. Contains natural Australian ingredients" so it's semi eco-chic I suppose.

Why A Grl Can Dig It....

I really like it. It's nice n creamy, has great slip (probably b/c there's a cone in it but eh, it's not like I'll be using it 24/7) and left my kinky kurls sooo incredibly soft. Detangling was crazy pleasurable! I lost sooo much less hair than I normally do when detangling. That was the ultimate cherry on top for me; a sista was sold after that.

Now I'm mad that I didn't get the jumbo bottle with the pump. Lol. But I didn't know if I was gonna like it or not, ya know? It's super affordable: about $3 for the 13oz bottle. The jumbo one was no more than $6.

Can we say recession friendly? =p

How I Wash My Hair

So I stated in the a previous post, I found a way to wash my hair using less water. Because not only is it more eco-chic to do so but I hated hopping in and out of the shower 50 million times.

So I have shared with you below how I condition, detangle, and wash my hair. And that is the exact order I do it in.

1. Moisten hair.

Notice I didn't say wet my hair; I don't want it soaking wet. I spritz plain ol water on my hair to moisten it. You can moisten it all over or in sections. I like to moisten it all over first and then moisten each section again.

2. Apply conditioner or whatever conditioning recipe I concoct (yay mixtresses!)

to a section of hair.

3. Detangle

with fingers first and then follow up with my shower comb.

4. Loosely braid section.

Sometimes I will twist the sections but they can come undone when I go to wash my hair so I almost always braid.

5. Repeat steps 1-4

for the rest of your head

I do about 6-7 loosely braided sections. If you have longer hair, you can do less sections like 4, if you like. I can't wait till I can just do 4!

6. Now all my hair is in loosely braided sections with conditioner or a conditioning mixture on it.

Leave conditioner/conditioning treatment on for about 10 to 15 minutes.

I don't use heat (but you can if you like); I just put on a conditiong cap and keep it movin.

7. With braids still in: hop in the shower, rinse, and

cleanse hair

I follow up with an ACV rinse and then I'm done.

8. From here, I

apply my leave ins and air dry my hair

in: twists (which I'll wear either overnight or for a few days to a week) for a twist out, or braids for a braid out.

(NOTE. Recently, I have been experimenting with detangling after I've conditioned and washed my hair. I kinda like it. So I might wait to detangle till the end. I dunno. We'll see.....)

I understand this method may not work for everyone but it works wonders for me. So if you're still figuring out your washing routine, try this one out and see if it fits your lifestyle. If I was unclear on something or you need more explanation, you know what to do: holla @ cha girl.

Stay Naturally Fly =)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good God, I Luv Bein Natural!

My friend and I were playing around the other day and did an inpromptu photo shoot.

I'm just rockin a twist out that I simply pinned back the left side. That's it.

If you're diggin the earrings: They are leather, baby! I got them from Nappy Rutzwho I have featured on here before.

If you're diggin the make up, stay tuned for a tutorial that will be featured as a guest beauty post on Natural Chica. I'll let you know when it goes up!

ATCM: Jam Art Inc. Totes

I don't showcase them on here, but I have a pretty extensive collection of tote bags. After earrings, they are my second luv. When I learned of this fly lady that made original totes, I knew I had to reach out to Maria; the creator; to feature her creations on here!

"JAM Art is celebrating the unique and dynamic you! Because you are one of a kind, we personalize handpainted canvas totes that reflect your style and personality. You are a gift, so shine! Our durable and stylish totes can be used as everyday tote, lunch box, school bag, or as an overnight bag for a quick get-a-way."

Maria is in the process of completing her website but you can email her at for information and check for more pictures of her work.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Naturally Divine Co. Blue Light Sale Alert

Got this email and thought I'd share the good news with you accessory whores like myself:

"I take pleasure in announcing Naturally Divine Co.'s first sale.

Earrings with blue fonts are $10. Visit all the collections to find something special for yourself, family or a friend.

No matter how large or small, your entire order ships for $6.00"

That's an ILL deal on shipping! Get on it. The Holidays are around the corner afterall.....

Erin's Best Affordable Makeup EVER! Picks

Had to share this video with you guys. Any of you brown make up vixens know about Erin from Scandalous Beauty and how talented and helpful that she is. I enjoy her vids and site. In this video, she talks about super affordable make up that delivers. It's long but worth watching!

After watching this vid, I def want to add some Jessies Girl eye colors to my arsenal and she reminded me how great the L'Oreal HIP Color Struck l/gs are. Off to Ebay to see if anyone is selling the whole lot of them for a good price!

PS (I think I'm developing a small crush on Trey Songz! I've always liked his voice but I have never really taken notice of him until recently. He's really turning the sexy on! Lol.)


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