Sunday, July 31, 2011

Did A Henna Gloss Since Forever

Tip: Applying henna with gloves hairstylists use to do hair color is even better than the regular plastic/latex gloves. New Yorkers, I got thse gloves from Beauty 35 (on 35th and 8th in the city). I'm sure Sally's sells something comparable.
 I haven't done a henna treatment of any kind in MONTHS. I had been neglecting to do them once a month like I used to. I need to get back to it. My hair is great now but it really does benefit from the use of henna. It shows off when I stay on my henna game so I decided to do a henna gloss recently. Here's the mix I used this time. This is general recipe I normally use when I'm not trying anything new:

* 2 Tbsp Nupur Henna
* Coconut milk (till a creamy pudding consistency was achieved)
* 1 Tablespoon Grapeseed oil
* Some squirts of aloe vera gel
* 1 Tsp Honey

Friday, July 29, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Accept the New by Theophilus London

I've been sleepin on this kid. I saw him perform at the Weeksville Garden Party in Crown Heights last weekend and I liked his sound. He's unique and wears some unique things but I dig his originality. Lol. One of my favorite songs he performed that night was Accept the New. Give it a listen below and see if you don't like it too.

Check out the website for more info and music on this dude:
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Support Good Music!: Please Donate to Siraj Nuri's Kickstarter Campaign

Hey kurlies. Artist Siraj Nuri is accepting donations to contribute to the costs for recording her very first album. Please support good music. If you have only $2 to spare, every little bit is appreciated. Visit her site at for more information on how you can contribute and check out the feature I did on her recently. She is totally worth it.

Note. I wasn't asked, paid, etc to post this. This is coming from the heart. She's a great artist, has a great energy and with your support she can share even more of her positive energy with us.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

See n Try Hairstyles: Toni Daley's 3 Flat Twists

It's friggin hot as Hades here in the Big Apple. So much so that I don't even want the fro out. Hairstyles that keep my hair outta my face and off my neck are what the natural hair doctor ordered. Toni recently did a quick tutorial on an easy, summer heat appropriate hairstyle. I love that she did it on wet/damp hair actually because the day I did this style, I was air drying my hair from washing it but had places to be and people to see so this is a great style for that if you need to wash your hair but you've got places to be before your hair has fully dried.

- You'll see in Toni's tutorial that she used gel. I didn't feel like using any so I didn't but you can if you like to.
- Head scarf to tie my hair down with. This helps to smooth your edges and give a sleeker look.

Check out her tutorial below, subscribe to her channel if you haven't already (she's fab! and "a friend in my head") and stay cool in this summer heat!

PS (If you're diggin the earrings I wore, they're in the shop!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Dandy Lion Exhibit at MoCADA

Image from Le Coil

Last Thursday my friend Yaa texted me during the day something like, I'm going to the opening of this exhibit at MoCADA and Lecoil is going to be there too. I'm going, you wanna come? It was a crazy busy week at work so I was down for some culture in Brooklyn with other artsy fartsy people. Because I got asked the day of, I didn't have my camera. I so wish I would have had it though. There were lots of picture worthy moments. Oh well. You can see pictures from the event at High Snobette.

The Dandy Lion exhibit, curated by Shantrelle P. Lewis, was a sea of pictures of great looking black men taken by some noted photographers like Jamala Johns of Lecoil and Kwesi Abbensetts just to name a couple. She wanted the exhibit to positively portray black men and redifine black masculine identity. I'd say she accomplished her mission. The images showed black men at their finest and freshest. It was a nice, intimate event with a stylish and chill crowd, great music, eats and wine. We were even entertained by a proud Aberiginy man who played the Doo Ri Doo and got a little history lesson on the instrument.

This was my first time at the MoCADA and I'm seriously considering becoming a member. I luv supporting positive things like this.  If you're in the area, the exhibit is up till August 22nd. Go check it out.

MoCADA: Museum of Cultural African Diaspora Arts
80 Hanson Pl
Brooklyn, NY

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Chic: Headwraps

In this summer heat, it's all about hairstyles that keep my hair off my neck and out of my face. This look is great for that. It's also quick and easy to achieve so you can do this style if you're in a rush and need to get out the door.

Toni Daley did a great tutorial on how to create this style, see it below (the tutorial starts at 5:50 mins in). In the fall when the weather is cooler, I'll permit my bangs to come out and play with this hairstyle. ;D

Stay cool, it's hot outside!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Siraj Nuri

Happy Friedy kurlies! We made it to yet another weekend. This Friday I want to share with you a new artist, Siraj Nuri, that I just recently learned of. Thanks to my girl Essense Vibez. :D I saw her perform live last weekend and it was phenomenal. Her vocals are wonderful and the band was amazing! I snapped pics and got some video footage of the performance so once I get everything edited and together, I'll put the post up by next week (I'll work on it this weekend.). The beautiful Siraj Nuri has rhythms that blend the likes of jazz, soul and hip-hop. Her voice is all jazz though. Its a cool blend. Check out her mixtape, Land, and download it for free HERE.

If you like what she's doing, please support her and if it so moves you, donate something to her kickstarter campaign (I made my donation!). She's raising money to record her first album which she would like to release spring 2012. PLEASE SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC! It's out there, just gotta look for it and stay up on my Music That Can Mac features every Friday. :D

Have a great weekend chicies and stay cool. We're having a heat wave in NY and I haven't even CARED to wear the fro out. It's too damn hot!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mixtress Chronicles: Made a New Hair Mist

I made a new hair mist recently. I had been abandoning using a mist as of late but remembered how much more moisturized my hair stayed when I would lightly mist it before applying oil or a moisturizing product like my Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk.

This latest mix consists of the following:

- Water - My mists are always mainly water. I'd say this mix is about 80% water.
- Grapeseed oil - My hair loves this oil to bits n pieces
- Honey - About 2 long squirts of it. I love honey and add it to just about all of my mixes. It imparts great sheen, softness and moisture to my hair.
- Lavendar Essential Oil - Just 4 drops for a little fragrance. It's a little too strong on its own though. I may have to add a couple drops of another essential oil to tone it down some.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nutricious Can = Delicious with Food Heaven Made Easy

Episode 1: $10 Meal Time from Food Heaven Made Easy on Vimeo.

I first learned of Wendy and Jessica of Food Heaven Made Easy over at Black Girl with Long Hair and was instantly impressed, excited and hooked to see two women of color promoting healthier eating and providing ways to do so. Both are nutritionists and in school for their Masters in this field so they know what they are talking about. Bad nutrition is a universal issue, especially here in the States but obviously since I'm a Black woman I take a particular interest in the health of those that look like me. Many of you all probably saw this already since a lot of my readers are BGLH readers but if you aren't then this post is for you.

Check out the article HERE that BGLH did on them and visit their website I plan to try this meal they made in the video very soon; maybe next week or so. It looks like a great summer dish and I luv me some kale. Yes, I'm one of those people that actually likes vegetables. I like what these young women are doing and they have my support. I'll be watching/following. :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maid of Honor Hairstyles

So my sister is getting married next month and I'm the MOH aka maid of honor. She's not a huge fan of natural hair and even though it is her special day, I made it quite clear before she even tried to mention it that I'm not straightening my hair. She said as long as I wasn't rocking "slave plaits" (yes she is awful sometimes. lol) she didn't mind that. I've been brainstorming some ideas and thought I'd share with you where I'm drawing some inspiration from. I know I'll probably end up doing some kind of flat twisted up-do because they are pretty and hold up nicely. Plus in the August, Cincinnati heat, it will keep my hair out of my way.

Napturally Curly's Flat Twist Pin Up-Do (I've done something similar to this before so I may revisit it)

keke52284 rocks a really cute do on this vid

I'm going to try these hairstyles before hand to see which one I like best and will commit to.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Teedra Moses' Luxurious Undergrind Mixtape

Happy Friday Kurlies! Today's music is from my girl, Teedra. She released another mixtape, Luxurious Undergrind, recently and you know I had to share it with you guys. Her voice is amazing and her deliverance is how I would say something. She's classic, yet raw and "a friend in my head". But back to the mixtape, it's ill but then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from her. My favorites are, man I don't think I have a favorite just yet but I like that a few of the songs have jazz influences on them. On Another Luvr, the bass is rockin. Check out The One below. I luv how in the song, she is talking about not settling basically and that just because a man is good man and other people have declared him the one doesn't mean he's the one for her. Speak on it! Maybe I just feel that song so much because those are the thoughts that I live by:

Video from DjNovemberMusic

Download the mixtape HERE.

Have a great weekend. ;D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mixtress Chronicles: My Lastest Shealoe Cream

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I recently made a batch of shealoe cream. In my past mixing experiences, with this type of product I usually don't make it exactly the same as the last batch. The skeleton of the recipe always stays the same but I'm always adding or trying something a little different to see what I get. Here's the recipe for the latest batch:

* (ivory color) Shea Butter
* Aloe Vera Gel: Any brand will do. I usually use the J/A/S/O/N brand. I used Lily of the Desert brand this time.
* Oil of Choice: This time I used Coconut Oil (I'll probably try avocado or a blend of avocado oil and grapeseed oil next time.)
* a quick squirt of Honey: This step is totally optional. I just luv honey so I like to add it to a lot of my mixes. Honey imparts moisture and sheen for our hair texture.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kurly New: Check Out New Product Line Curly Kinks

Kurlies that like to do wash n go's, there's a new product line in town. Popular Youtuber, Monique Freeman, of CoilsKinksCurls recently launched her own haircare line. The name of the line is Curly Kinks and right now it contains a natural styling gel and a leave in conditioner. More products are to come. The prices are reasonable and competitive to the famous Kinky Curly line. The 16oz jar of of the Coil Custard is $22 and eligible for free shipping. Nice.

Curly Kinks
Facebook: Curly Kinks

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kurly Directory: Darker than Brown

While at The Coil Review cocktail party last month, I met lots of fabulous ladies. One of the them was Nneka, a vivacious kurly who has a natural hair meet up group here in New York where monthly meet ups go down to hang out (they go to mixers, out to eat, various kurly events, etc.) with other fellow kurlies and do what else, talk hair, products, tips and regimens. Please stop by and show her sight, Darker Than Brown, some luv as she takes you along her hair journey and shares information on natural hair care.

I like her Week in Review posts where she shares what she's done with her hair and/or learned about it for the week. This is inspiring and encouraging for new naturals or those new to taking better care of their hair.because it's important to make notes of what's working and what's not so you can take control of your hair's destiny accordingly.You know I only share positive places with you guys, so check her out and follow if you like.

Stay naturally fly

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fros for the 4th [of July]

It looks like this is becoming an annual thing. I participated in its first year, in effect, last year and participated again this year. I rocked a day 4 old twist out that still had a ton of definition this past 4th of July. I luv'd it.

How I Achieved This Look:

* I twisted medium size twists on damp hair.
* I used Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in and twisted with unrefined, (the ivory color) shea butter
* I wore my hair pinned up for the week in the twists (You all know how much I dislike how my twists look worn down at this stage of my hair's length.) and then took them out that Friday
* Tip: I think my hair stayed defined as long as it did b/c I fussed with it minimally. When I took each twist down, I didn't separate them at all. I let them stay in tact and expand as the days went on. Sometimes separating the twists leads to frizz and loss of the set curl pattern faster.

That's it. I didn't put any extra product on my hair while I had the twists in or when I took them out. At night, I slept with my Stay on Right hair sack and this helped tremendously, as well, in keeping my hairstyle fresh.

Did you rock your Fro for the 4th?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Initial Thoughts After Using the Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar for the 1st Time

I got a sample of the Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar from the goodie bags we got from The Coil Review cocktail party last month. I finally ran out of Kinky Curly Knot Today so it was the perfect chance to give this leave in a try.

I like a lot of Karen's products (her moisturizing lotion, Super Duper leave-in, etc.) and have had a lot of success with many of them and was hoping I could add this product to the list of goodies.

I pre-treated (with my homemade aloe vera custard) and cleansed my hair (with my hair mud wash recipe) as normal. Then applied the product to my hair damp. First off, it smells lovely. I got the lavendar vanilla scent. The consistency is light and very creamy and was easily distributed through my medium density koils and kurls.

It will be hard for me to tell how well this product works just yet b/c I then put my hair in medium size twists (twisted with my latest shealoe cream mix). Well, I think it's probably good. When my hair was completely dry, my twists felt luscious: bouncy, moisturized and soft. That's a start. I'll have to come back to do like a second part to the review when I choose to wear my hair loose for the week. Signing off and out.

Stay naturally fly.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Things I Should've Told Her Mixtape

Things I Should've Told Her Cover Art

Happy Friday Kurlies! Now onto the topic at hand.....

The Things I Should've Told Her mixtape is not to be slept on. My boys, Trumaine Lamar and Brandon*, have done it again. The tracks were produced by Brandon* and the vocals are all Trumaine. I've talked about them both on here before and featured their stuff. Outside of them being my peoples, they are so wonderfully talented. Trumaine's voice is a breath of fresh air and Brandon's musicality create a blend of musical bliss. If you like what you hear download the mixtape HERE. Support good music.

Have a great weekend. I'm going to see Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest. A review will be in order soon.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Different Technique for Doing a High Bun

I like this method, wj539: uses to create her high buns better than how I do mine. I'm going to try this next time I feel like rocking one.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Taren's Journey to Getting Fit

I'd like to start talking about fitness more on here. Check out Taren of Taren916 's journey getting into better shape. I'll be tuned in so I can glean informaton that her trainer shares. I like that weight loss isn't her goal but just staying in shape and keeping toned is her aim. I am in the same boat. I don't feel I need to lose any weight but I want to stay active and healthy.

Monday, July 4, 2011

On Track to Reach BSL by December

Me circa 2009 shortly after my BC: Mini Twists
looked good worn down when I had a TWA.

So my current goal is to reach BSL, when stretched, by this December or at least have some lead hairs there so that I can maintain it there most of 2012 till the rest of my hair catches up. I trimmed my hair recently and am revved up to reach this goal. Some hair in the back is very close to BSL now actually. I have about 5 more months so this goal is totally attainable I think. Isn't it crazy that come this December I will be natural for 3 years? Man, time flies. It's been a rollercoaster ride but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I luv my hair, occasional bad/frustrating hair days and all.

I've started keeping it crazy simple with my hair. I rock small to medium size twists (take me 1-2 hours to put in) pinned up in the Fly Girls up-do during the week and take the twists down on Friday's to rock a twist out for the weekend. Sometimes I blow my hair out prior to twisting and sometimes I don't and just twist on damp hair, it just depends on the mood I'm in. Either way I use my homemade shealoe cream to twist with.

This crazy simplicity is working great for me. It's getting hot and makes sense to employ hair styles that are low maintenance and keep hair off my neck and out of my face. Plus with my busy schedule during the week, it's great to get up and not have to figure out how I want to wear my hair. It's that get up-n-go hair. ;D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Hair Day w/ the Curly Fro

One day in particular last week, I had a perfect hair day. I was rocking a Curly Fro and it came out so good, I didn't want the day to end for fear it wouldn't look perfect the next day.

* Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk
* Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel

I employed the curly fro method (was made popular by Dr. Lisa Akbari), which is, essentially, putting your hair into two-strand twists, rolling each twist and tucking it into your hair. If you need to see this explanation, check out the tutorial below by Curly Chronicles. This style is super easy to create and creates a lovely kurly set.

I used the gel sparingly for each section before twisting to give the style a little more hold than if I hadn't used it. I let this set overnight and then in the morning took the twists down with my fingers lightly coated in grapeseed oil and fluffed till my desired look was achieved.

Most days are good hair days but I luv when I have perfect hair days. :D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Trimmed My Hair

I noticed that my ends were tangling up more lately, detangling was greeting me with some resistance (which is so unlike my hair. Usually detangling is a breeze for me.) and the fairy knots were becoming more prevalent. I finally realized that it was time for a trim.

I put my hair into medium size, two strand twists and used my hair cutting sheers to trim my ends. I never cut/trim my hair wet; it's always dry. I could see that at the end of many of the twists were some fairy knots so I would cut just above them. I didn't measure exactly but I couldn't have cut more than a half inch to an inch of hair.

My ends look way better and I think the next time I go to detangle and wash my hair, the process should be back to how it usually is, drama free. I need to put myself on a hair trimming schedule. I think the last time I trimmed my hair was back in December and my hair started acting out last month so I think it's safe to say, I need to trim my hair about every 6 months or 2 times a year.

From here on out, I will trim my hair every December and June. I don't feel that it is necessary to trim more than that. How often do you trim your hair?

Not sure how to trim your own hair? Check out an old article of mine sharing some tips on trimming natural hair.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Music That Can Mac: Paper Chase - Clara Hill ft. Vikter Duplaix

Hello 3 day weekend! Woot woot! Hope you all have fab plans for the weekend. I have plans to wreck some havoc in the Big  Apple. :D I've got some crafts I'm dying to get to and cookouts to attend. If my body will let me, I'll even try to sleep in. Hahah.

This song is the latest to be on repeat over my way. The rhythm is on point for me and gets me dancing in the morning as I'm getting ready for work. Check it out: my boy Vikter Duplaix and super talented, Clara Hill. I just got introduced to her and I'm luvin her stuff.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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